10 Websites Where You Can Get Free Stock Photos

Update: We have received many complaints regarding some of the websites featured in this roundup. We recommend reading our more recent coverage of free stock photo sites instead: Where to Find the Best Free Stock Photos and 10 More Websites for Free Stock Photos.

1. Freerange Stock

Freerange Stock

You can get free stock photos on this site if you’re a registered user. Registration is free. According to their FAQ, you’re allowed to use their images on “commercial projects like websites, advertising, books, videos, and other commercial presentations.”

2. The Open Photo Project

The Open Photo Project

This photo-sharing platform was created by Michael Jastremski in 1998 and is targeted towards artists, developers, students, and teachers. Contributions are offered under the Creative Commons license. It has a plain and simple interface for finding photos.

3. Stock.XCHNG


This site has a large gallery of over 395,000 stock photos contributed by more than 30,000 photographers. Search for specific images or browse through the nicely arranged categories such as “People” or “Sports.” They also have a nice collection of tutorials involving stock photography and image editing.

4. Imagebase: Free Stock Photography

Imagebase: Free Stock Photography

Imagebase is a collection of Photographer David Niblack’s free stock photos. According to the website’s about page the images can be “freely used for personal, commercial, non-profit, artistic, or creative purposes.”

5. Stockvault.net


Over 35,000 images are available at Stockvault.net, including some amazing free textures. What’s neat about this site is that you don’t need to register in order to download the free stock photo resources. The site is also well-designed, allowing for quick and easy access to their photos. The site also has a selection of Photoshop tutorials covering basic image manipulation.

6. unprofound.com


This 100% non-profit, ad-free site started in 2001 to make quality public domain photos available online. An interesting search method allows you to find photos by the predominant color it contains. No membership is required to download files.

7. morguefile


This site is an archive of free stock photos. It’s been providing completely free high-resolution stock photos for illustration and design needs since 1996. A search log lets you see what’s currently most popular among site visitors. The morguefile classroom provides a set of ten focused lessons to help you take better pictures.

8. Wikimedia Commons

Wikimedia Commons

Wikimedia Commons has a massive database of over 15 million freely usable media files including images, video, and sounds. You can search by numerous criteria including topic, location, and source. Copy, use, and modify these files as you wish — just follow the licensing terms of each file.

9. Flickr: Creative Commons

Flickr: Creative Commons

Likely the biggest photo-sharing site on the Web, Flickr has a section devoted to content offered under the Creative Commons license. You can browse or search the content under each license type–this makes it easier to locate appropriate content for your blog or website.

10. Free Royalty Free Images (on Fotolia)

Free Royalty Free Images (on Fotolia)

A large stock photo website with over 20 million premium royalty-free stock photos, Fotolia also offers some of its photos for free. Check back often as these images are constantly changing. Image sizes vary from about 425x280px up to 3,400×2,300px. Both crowd-sourced and professional images can be found on this site.


These are some of the best sites to find free stock photos on the Web.

I just want to reiterate one thing about using stock photos: Whether you pay for a photo or not, I suggest making sure that you’re using it under its licensing terms. If in doubt, contact the author for clarification.

By the way, Design Instruct also has a few free stock photos you can download.

There are plenty of other websites that provide free stock photos — but these 10 are my picks. What are your favorite websites for finding free stock photos? Discuss them in the comments!

* Thumbnail image: “Baby Smile” Photo credit: David Niblack Imagebase.net.

  • Very useful post. We also use a website called http://www.dreamstime.com. You need to sign up for account but they have a range of free images you can use.

  • Hi Stephen,

    Thanks for including http://www.stockvault.net in your list, I appreciate that 🙂

  • Bob

    Stock.Xchng used to be good years ago, but then they were purchased by iStockPhoto (GettyImages) and the selection of decent images seemed to drop, and their pushing of paid for images massively increased with them receiving the most prominence in searches. Also, when you try and upload photos now, you are often told that many similar images exist and so they are rejected! Now I seldom use it.

  • Thanks for sharing, these are great!

  • Paul

    > their pushing of paid for images massively increased with them receiving the most prominence in searches

    Imagine that… they actually want to make some money. Those bastards.

  • These images really very helpful. With affordable website design any body can make this kind of website.

  • With increased costs of quality stock photos, these are a real gem.

  • An other great stock photo site:
    More the 80,000 free stock photos on line.

  • Thanks for sharing this link jay.

  • Genesis

    You might want to try this site:

  • Thank you for this suggestion Genesis. I checked it out, Pixabay looks great!

  • Hi, I’m new to blogging. Can I use Stock.Xchng images in my blog site without asking for permission? I will appreciate immediate answers from anyone. Thanks

  • John Lee

    Here is another new free photo site


  • Yes, you can use images on your blog under these conditions:

    1. You comply to the stock.xchng Images license agreement (the agreement also confirms that you can use an image “In digital format on websites[…]”
    2. Some images do require you to notify the artist and sometimes a credit is needed. You can see these special requirements “under the image previews, right next to the Download button.”

    I got this info from the stock.xchng FAQ Question #6: “Are these images really free?”

  • FElIX

    Thanks for compiling such a great resources! Can I suggest http://www.stockpics.co? I’ve used their images for some of my design projects and their price is affordable after comparing with others.

  • Laven Lee

    I’ll use free images from http://www.123rf.com/freeimages.php . They even start selling Audio and Footage!

  • Thanks for taking the time to put together this list! I have been using a free stock photo site, but the pictures really don’t pop and I want to add more high quality photos for my blog. Hope one or a combination of these sites can help me achieve that. Thanks again!

  • Thanks a lot for the info. I am sure i can get few of the required images from above sites.

    However Flickr cannot be counted as royalty stock exchange site.

  • Hi Darsh. You’re right, Flickr is not a place to get royalty-free stock photos.

    I quickly read this article again, and I didn’t spot a place where it says that Flickr is a royalty stock exchange site. Where was the confusion made? Let me know and I’d be happy to revise that factual error.

  • Cris DeRaud

    A good alternative to sxc is http://www.rgbstock.com/

  • Danny H

    Sweet post! I just found one more to add to the list stockpholio.com. All images are for commercial use.

  • Jay

    SXC.hu is now owned by Getty.The old sxc crew left the site and started a new one. http://www.rgbstock.com This project is quite successful and is representing all the good values of the old sxc. Good photo and a friendly and active community.

  • Thanks for sharing this information Jay.

  • Sang

    Here is another new free photo site for personal and commercial use:

  • James Casdunar

    We also use a website called http://pickupimage.com.
    If you are a website designer, blogger here you can download high resolution Free stock images for free.

  • Andy Stout

    This is misleading information.
    The only truly free site is Imagebase. Half of the rest are phony names that take you to one main site that charges money. (I wrote them a snarky note.)
    If there is anything I can’t stand, it’s boldface lies on the internet.

    Perhaps the author of this site did not attempt to actually download a photo, as I did. But read the fine print!
    Often it instructs you that the image is “free” but lists a number of conditions that restrict its use.

    If all you want is a photo for “decorating your house” (which is one example when “free” really means free) then why would you bother with a free site in the firs place? Nobody is going to see it or report you!

    Anyway, be warned and happy hunting for a TRUE free photo web site!
    -Andy Stout

  • A new stock photos site, check this one out


  • Thanks for sharing – useful article for me to bookmark.

  • dave

    most of these are not royalty free – unless you want crap thumbnail sized images.

  • Kate Walker

    Check this new free stock photo website: http://freestockphotosgallery.godotmedia.com/

  • Ted S.

    http://www.stormythoughts.com has some free photos as well.

  • Bob

    Check out http://www.pixabay.com and http://www.goodfreephotos.com for public domain photos free to use.

  • Brian Huebert

    I hope it’s not frowned upon to mention our free stock photo site. 🙂 We’ve got over 1000 free high-res photos that are also royalty free. http://www.adigitaldreamer.com/gallery/

    Download and enjoy 🙂

  • I’d like to point out the Free Photo web site I’m building: http://www.idrathergiveitaway.com

  • Not so many photos but in hi-res: http://freepix.eu/

  • Paul

    Another one: http://www.patternpictures.com/
    Free hi-res photos available for commercial use and no registration required.


    personal website of photographer. You can download all works even without registration http://www.barior.com

  • Photofolio is also worth a look …. It has real photos and looks after the photographer too! http://photofolio.co.uk

  • Tarun Nagpal

    Very Good post and useful.

  • Thanks for the list. Might want to look into http://unsplash.com …they have a pretty good collection of images in large sizes.

    But I don’t like the way they have it organized though…it takes longer to find specific images you might be looking for.

  • valay patel


    i want this image in high resolution please please suggest me .
    and most important thing is i cant pay for this

  • Melinda

    You also can try http://imagefinder.co to search through all Flickr images licensed under creative commons

  • scottleew

    These are not free, was this a gimmick for traffic ?

  • Do i have to give link back to the image site, when i place a photo in my website?

  • Thanks for the great ressource! I would also recommend using Google Images with filters “Size: large” and “labeled for commercial reuse”.

  • This is a new one http://www.splitshire.com, download full resolution photos for personal & commercial use, no attribution required 😉 tired of that “stock/flat” look? Maybe you’ll like my photos for your projects, I know there are not so many, I opened just a month ago, but I’m updatiing it every day.

  • my anti-virus caught a trojan from that site.

  • Sukrit


    Thanks for this nice listing. I’m a Physical therapist and staring my private clinic. We are working on a website for which i need good quality relevant images. What I’ve seen in these free sites are, they are good in other categories but not in Physiotherapy / Rehabilitation. Can anyone here suggest / help me finding sites which will serve my purpose?

    Thanks in advance

    Dr. Sukrit

  • Hi – try this – no registration – Hi-Res photos – http://www.freephotodb.com/

  • This is a good article but there are very few websites that offer REALLY FREE PHOTOS (no attribution, no registration, no adverts) which are high quality and easily accessible.

    Check out PUBLIC DOMAIN photographs at http://www.trulyfree.eu

    I hope this helps you, guys!

  • Tom

    New website with free photos also: http://kaboompics.com/  
    Tottaly free photos, good quality, every week new photos.

  • ashraf

    Hi guys,
    This is really good post, but which of these resources can O download images from without any conditions, ex. write credit number or…


  • Jess

    There is a great new Tumblr site for stock photos and textures:
    http://paulstocktextures.tumblr.com/ .

    -Uploads a new photo set everyday
    -Commercial use = yes
    -No fees, attribution or registration (rely on Google ads)
    -all Royalty Free

  • Jess,

    Thank you for sharing this link, as well as for giving us a bullet-point list of important facts potential users should know about it.

  • ashraf, I’m sure most won’t be asking for you license. However, if you want to see a list of sites that allow you more flexibility in terms of using the stock photos, check out this more recent post: Where to Find the Best Free Stock Photos

  • Sher

    Most of these require a membership fee or you have to purchase credits – not free!

  • AlexG


    I would like to share two other site:

  • LeChatPonti

    Exactly, NOT FREE, so why even waste our time?

  • Lauren

    I use quozio.com and http://www.curatedquotes.com for picture quotes. My blog posts tend to get more social lift by using sharable images.

  • Feel free to check out http://vallestudio.com

  • Jane

    This is a very misleading article. Almost all these so-called “free sites” force you to BUY “credits” to get the photos. NOT FREE!

  • Simon

    Stock.XCHNG is now called freeimages.com.
    I think you might want to include Pixaby.com in your recommendations above. It beats most of the top 10 here 😉

  • Tom

    A new plattform with free pictures for personal and commercial use is http://snapographic.com

  • i cant see 123rf.com website

  • i think you miss http://www.hiresstock.com a free hires stock photo for designer

  • Another cool site is LIFE OF PIX for royalty free stock photos. Similar to http://www.unsplash.com

  • I agree. They have ruined sxc.hu
    No good or decent images anymore.
    By killing competition, they seem to have dug their own grave.

  • Indira

    Check also http://affordablephotograph.com/freestock to download free images. I liked the simplicity of the site. It’s not like some sites where you have to navigate through a lot of pages to actually get the image.

  • oan

    Daniel, your pictures are incredible.

  • Roy

    Me and my friend are amateur photographers (although we do some paid work every now and then) and we have created this website


    We believe in free culture and we are going to post all our photos in full resolution on our website and can be used under following creative commons license.

    That means you can
    remix, transform, and build upon the material
    for any purpose, even commercially.
    100% free of cost.

    We have just started this project and within months there will be thousands of photos available.
    If you like our work and want to promote free culture then please spread the word to everyone who might want to build upon our work.
    If everything goes right then our plan is to recruit more like minded photographers and make this site really rich with 100% free stock photos
    Thank you for supporting us

    Kind regards,


  • Roy

    Do you want me to take a better photo than that and put it on my site?

    Let me know and I will eat noodle tonight for a change hehe 🙂

  • Andy Walsh

    PictureHouse is still a work in progress but images are 100% free for commercial use. No sign up, attribution, just download and use! http://picturehouse.noalphabet.com

  • Blue Royal

    Nice list of providers of free images. I would mention also http://freeimages.pictures/ where there you could search on multiple servers at once.

  • http://stockdose.com for free royalty-free photos.

  • Chris Tweten

    After taking a look through this list and a few others, I made my own list. Plenty of these sites lack search functions, categories, etc so I made notes so you can find which ones work best for your needs. Time is a huge factor personally, so I prefer a combination of emailing lists and large libraries with search functions.


  • Sonia

    Really big list. Thank you!

  • Drew

    Another great resource is this comprehensive list I compiled of 47 free stock photo and image resources – http://listsplosion.com/free-stock-photos-images/

  • Bill

    Exactly. Not a very clever way to try to get repeat traffic…

  • Liz Brunner

    Know about a rather new one: http://www.pixabay.com.
    get a look, it is german, but needs no registery, all photos free to download.


  • Valentin
  • Amit Sodha

    Awesome, I’ve started using Pixabay and will make regular donations as the pictures are good and are copyright free! 🙂

    Thanks for that great suggestion.

  • Tobias

    Hi, one more source for free photos under cc0 license is: http://creativecommons.photos

  • Lus

    Stockvault isn’t free, they ask for money.

  • Owen


    Please check out: http://www.freestockimages.co.za

  • Gary Gerunt

    Since variety is always better, try http://freemediagoo.com for royalty free stock photos as well

  • Manuel

    Really cool for free and licence free pics is http://www.pexels.com Really nice christmas pics as well:)

  • Aaron

    There’s a new site that came out a few months ago: http://solate.tk
    Creative commons stock images. Some unique images.

  • Vadim Goncharov

    If anyone interested I’m also posting bunch of free stock photos here http://photos.owl-design.net/

  • Wes


    is another great one. Handpicked and searchable by license type. It also has free themes, png images, graphics, fonts, mock-ups…

  • Henry Reyes

    Some of those sites are deprecated. I suggest http://realisticshots.com.
    Great pictures with public domain pictures.

  • dho

    totally free photos for your commercial

  • brian

    Its depressing how much stock photos normally cost. Photographers are typically a greedy bunch. One of the few industries that still has the audacity to charge per piece, and charge such high prices.

  • Paul T

    I dont know what you are on about. I just downloaded several images for FREE from Stockvault, and without having to register. Just don’t choose the Premium Stock Photos at the top and the bottom or, yes, you will be asked to pay. Duh!

  • Paul T

    Stockvault for one – I just downloaded several free images. I found this article very interesting and got images from several other free sites as well.

  • Thomas

    Ho everyone. I’ve found another stock photo site: http://www.therealstockphotos.com/

  • Wes

    freefilehunt.com is another sweet one!

  • john

    You may checkout http://photofount.com/ as well they offer absolutely free photos for personal and commercial use.

  • Leon

    Thank’s for share this helpful article. I know one more source for free creative commons images. It’s http://creativecommons.photos they have a lot of free photos.

  • Strujac Alexandru

    Hey, nice collection. Please check http://www.stocka.co. It’s a free stock website for bloggers and designers. I just started the project but i will add at least 5 photos every week. Thank you.

  • Kathy Pop

    To everyone bitching about needing it to be free- I would rather pay a couple bucks than be sued or waste hours finding the “right” free one. If you want to be professional, then pay for them. Many places let you use images for non-commercial use for free.

    I use GraphicStock.com Not free but has an annual fee of $89. for unlimited downloads (iClipart is another) Since I download LOTS of images, it’s well worth it.

    Sometimes you just have to choose which is more valuable- your time or money.

  • Alexandr

    Here is one more site of beautiful free photos. Made for you with love.


  • Luis

    Sorry to shameless plug my link here. Another source of nice free stock photography is http://negativespace.co, we post 20 photos each monday, You can search photos and sort them by category, colors and copy space position.
    The photos are distributed without any copyright restriction under CC0 and finally we join the raw file with each photo we post so you can play with it.

  • James

    Great collection.

  • roger

    also passel.co is a site dedicated to High Resolution royalty free images

  • Dalene

    Hi all, these are all great, thank you. I intend to visit each one and narrow it down to a few I prefer. I do have one question though. I am an oil painter and often work from my own photographs but i am no photographer so i would like the option of using images for my compositions.

    Does “commercial use” include artists reference when painting for selling? I would assume it does but very few of the sites specifically mention if the images are available for use by artists.

    I don’t mind paying for images I use, photographers also need to make a living, photography is a job and I don’t expect to paint for free so I am happy to pay for the privilege to use images.

  • Dalene

    Photography is a job, I don’t expect to work for free so I am happy to pay for images. There are many industries that charge per piece especially those that involve intellectual property. It would cost you a lot more to hire a photographer, studio space, models, make up artists, food stylists, animals, arrangers and other personnel needed to pull of a great photo. The photographer has done that all for us. We don’t even have to take lots of photos to find the right one or not, we simply choose, click, pay and download. Even at an exchange rate of R12-$1, I am happy to pay.

  • LargePhotos

    Here is another useful resourse for you.

  • Alex Constantine

    Also a goo website for free stock images on http://creativevix.com/stock.html

  • Gljivec

    Another interesting resource is dreamy pixel: http://dreamypixel.com/gallery-of-free-photograhs-images/

  • David

    Hey Stephen! Excellent list you’ve compiled.

    I remember starting off in copywriting and trying to source images via Google’s Usage Rights filter. What a nightmare that was! Thankfully there’s now hundreds of kind photographers releasing their work to the public now and that’s a thing of the past.

    Over the past couple of months I’ve been noting down all the sites I use and I’m up to 40 or so sites. I believe they’re the best free stock photo sites out there so if you feel your readers would be interested in some more resource banks, feel free to pass it along: http://www.digitalimpact.co.uk/ultimate-list-of-free-stock-photos.

    Keep up the good work!


  • Megapixel

    You can get free stock photos on https://megapixelstock.com It’s a new website and has unique photos.

  • Rob Donovan

    Thanks for the list of stock sites, I’ll be adding these ones to my list 🙂

    To add to the list, we give away 3 different images every week at CA-Stock.com, come and take a look!


  • Gaurav

    One more website can be added in this list.

    It is based on creative commons license and is working towards aggregating various creative commons picture together.

  • Elisha

    Thanks for sharing such websites with us. Such websites are really useful for us. If you allow me then I also would like add some sources to this list like IM free, Pixabay etc., are also a useful websites that have variety of images that users may use.

  • John

    Thanks for sharing such a useful sources with us. Highly appreciate y our work and efforts. You may also add more website from here http://bit.ly/1OvAIED.

  • Helmuts Meskonis

    🙂 I have a small public domain (CC0) royalty free photo project http://www.artforweb.co.uk .. no registrations, no strings attached.. more like an investment of mine into the idea of free internet.

    hope that it can be useful to somebody,

    p.s. there aren’t really millions of photos, but they definitely haven’t been uverused and have unique flavour (at least I think so).

  • Rita Lorraine

    Thanks Helmuts, that’s very generous!

  • ST

    Check out http://www.stockolia.com – cliparts, illustrations, search field, 3D graphics

  • michel

    Hi, thanks for your source list. One more great site for images is http://free-stock.photo

  • Nikolas Broden

    Hi Stephen,

    New perfect one can be added in this list.


    I appreciate that

  • Renin martin

    great article.!!!

  • Renin martin

    hi rita great! well said!!

  • Andrew Samsel

    Great list.
    I recommend http://VisualHunt.com

    Quick facts about Visual Hunt:
    1. More than 15,000 best free public domain photos (CC0).
    2. More than 350 mln Creative Commons photos (if you cannot find Public Domain photo).
    3. Search and filter CC0 photos by color. Color pallette for every photo.
    4. Photo popularity index. Shows how many websites use the photo (still beta experimental feature).
    5. Possibility to save favorite photos to lightbox (after signing up).
    6. Possibility to embed photos without downloading.

  • Megapixelstock

    For updating the list with new url;
    Try this free stock photos site; https://Megapixelstock.com

  • andy

    Another alternative free stock photos, completely creative common license COO, no permission or attribute required.

  • Ales


    I’m co-founder of the image resource dreamypixel.com. We offer 3 new images each week that may be used freely and without attribution for any purpose (Creative Commons CC0 – Public Domain).

    I believe, DreamyPixel would make a great addition to this awesome list of image resources.

    Website URL:


  • Blabla

    http://www.librestock.com searches a bunch of free stock photos for you and they are free. I have downloaded a bunch and they are all good. Sometimes the photographer asks you to mention their name and I have run into a couple sites where you have to register. But there are so many that you just download.

  • Lacresha Rothgery

    I actually enjoy the content you have on your page it extremely has helped me out a whole lot thanks


  • Stuart Miles

    I have decided to put my catalogue of 30,000 images onto the web. You may use them 100 % free for professional or private use – http://BusinessImagesFree.com

  • Stuart Miles

    My website provides 30,000 images, absolutely free for any kind of use. Be sure to have a look here – http://BusinessImagesFree

  • María

    Daniel, you are an artist! I’ve seen good photos before, bur yours are awesome!

  • stas

    http://www.stockword.net one more new free stock site with words and simbols images

  • Picture Burger

    Hello, try our new site https://www.pictureburger.com/ . You can download free HQ photos (we prefer office/business theme). Every day new stuff.

  • rolcyng

    You might also check http://freestocks.org – free photos for commercial and personal use. Cheers!

  • Nils Huber

    We just started http://notaselfie.com/
    All photos are free for use, personal and commercial!

  • ronaldo

    I’m brazillian. I recommend http://imagespicture.com

  • Chris

    I decided to create a stock image website with a twist. You can edit the images before you export them. Or alternatively if the photograph is already perfect simply enter in the exact dimensions you need it to be and you will instantly get the picture ready to use at the width you need it, good time saver for bloggers! If anyone wants to give it a try you can visit http://www.lensicle.com/ would love to get some feedback too if anyone is interesting in helping out on the project.

  • Batsckavi

    And more – small, but every day update, http://photofreee.com/ free stock photo for commercial using.

  • Petr

    Pretty nice and free photos are also on http://tofros.com

  • Nica Tortosa

    What about Rawpixel?

    Rawpixel has long been a leading contributor on major stock sites like Shutterstock, but we’ve missed not being able to connect directly with our customers. So we’ve just launched our own site – http://www.rawpixel.com – where we hope to build a relationship with our fellow creatives while smashing the mould of stock photography.

    I hope you’ll check out our site and subscribe to gain access to our “Free Images” collection. Everyday we add fresh content to our site for you to enjoy. It’s a little taste of what’s to come once we launch our full site later this year.

    Let us know what you think of the site or if you need help finding a really cool image. With our portfolio consisting 500k images and still growing, we most probably CAN help.

    Shoot me a mail – contact@rawpixel.com

    Cue the emoji 🙂


  • Peri Taylor

    Such a helpful site, thankyou!

  • Monika

    Hi, I started a website where you can download my own photos for free and use them how you want 🙂 check it out http://monisphoto.com/

  • ALi

    Hi Guys,
    Just wanted to share my website http://stockphotoshub.com/ created in a same domain
    hope you would like it.

  • Phil

    Sure, for somebody downloading lots of photos going the paid route is worth it. But there are a lot of folks who just need 1 or 2 pics so $89 is on the expensive side. Plus, when you’re reading an article entitled “10 Websites Where You Can Get Free Stock Photos,” it’s rather irritating to find most of the sites require payment, registration or have severe limitations to how the photos are used. It’s easy to point fingers and talk down to folks, but try walking in their shoes first, before being so critical.

  • Shubhra Prakash Nandi

    For high res and great quality Indian RF stock photos checkout – http://www.picnspan.com . If you want to contribute your photos register on the website and earn great commission.