10 Free E-Commerce WordPress Themes for Online Stores

1. Artificer


This free e-commerce WordPress theme by WooThemes has a responsive web design, making it a great choice if you want your online store to look good regardless of whether it’s being viewed on a desktop computer or mobile phone. This theme is powered by WooCommerce–the theme development company’s own free e-commerce platform.

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2. Mio (WordPress e-Commerce Theme)

Mio (WordPress e-Commerce Theme)

Inspired by Apple’s website, Mio is a free e-commerce WordPress theme that can use either the WP e-Commerce plugin or the WooCommerce plugin.

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3. FrameMarket


FrameMarket is a robust parent WordPress theme that allows you to create child themes.

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4. Wootique


Wootique is another beautiful free e-commerce WordPress theme by WooThemes. It’s got an awesome CSS3/jQuery "featured content" slider that will allow you to showcase your top online store products.

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5. Kakileema Lite (WordPress eCommerce Theme)

Kakileema Lite (WordPress eCommerce Theme)

This free "lite" version of the premium Kakileema e-commerce WordPress theme looks clean and simple, so it’s suitable for a wide range of online stores.

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6. Velvet Sky

Velvet Sky

Velvet Sky is an e-commerce theme for WordPress and Prestashop (which is a free e-commerce software platform). This theme is released under a Creative Commons license through Smashing Magazine.

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7. AyoShop


AyoShop is a free e-commerce WordPress theme that requires the Genesis Framework (which costs $59) and WooCommerce. This theme has a responsive web design and extensive documentation.

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8. "Ready to Be!" (Free E-commerce WordPress Theme)

"Ready to Be!" (Free E-commerce WordPress Theme)

This clean and simple e-commerce WordPress theme has an animated "featured content" slider at the top of the home page so that you can impressively show off your featured products.

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9. Mystile


Another theme by WooThemes, Mystile has a clean user interface, a responsive web design and several color themes.

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10. Balita (Free E-Commerce WordPress Theme)

Balita (Free E-Commerce WordPress Theme)

This free e-commerce WordPress theme released on Smashing Magazine is bold and opinionated. You can use Balita under the GNU General Public License (GPL).

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  • Skweekah

    Amazing selection. Cant believe that these are free. Im just starting on wordpress themes, and there’s so much work that goes into these things. Thanks to all of the above developers for sharing their creations and thanks to Jacob Gube for sharing too.

  • You’re welcome! Yes, WordPress themes are a lot of work. A lot of love, sweat, blood, and tears goes into each one of them!

  • Awesome collection πŸ™‚ I have been searching for quite sometime now for free themes like these! Finally found them lolz.. *Super Happy*
    Thank You once again!

  • Thanks For Sharing Your Theme Collections, I need that for build my Online Store, nice!!

  • man jumping all over premium themes wouldnt do it and found this post. Free WordPress ecommerce themes and found one. Thank you. Must of taken some time to find these.

  • Awesome collection – Thank for sharing it Jacob – you are right (see your comment) it may turn out to be a real pain when no support behind free temps.

  • Hey everyone. I’m glad this roundup helped! This one took a bit of time to put together. It’s hard to find quality WordPress themes that are free and are specifically for e-commerce.

  • Thank you! These are great

  • Thanks for sharing this free themes

    really very helpful site i found after so long

  • Jo Lucy

    Fantastic themes! Thanks so much πŸ™‚

  • w0w. Fall in love with this post and this site. Nice collection. I must will choose Velvet sky for my next online shop project. Again, awesome!

  • im googling for online store wp theme, most of them r Premium theme, but luckily i found this free one, , thx for sharing…

  • thanks for sharing, nice theme πŸ˜‰

  • murali

    Please change the title FREE to Premium. Most of them are Premium wordpress themes, not free.

  • Which ones are not free?

  • im googling for online store wp theme, most of them r Premium theme, but luckily i found this free one, , thx for sharin

  • Sihem

    Thanks for sharing this free themes

  • Neha Jain

    Awesome site….Amazing,,,just loved it

  • Hi,
    awesome collection of themes..
    I preferred Mio..
    I created it and it is not fully functioned.can you tell me how to customize Menus in that theme..

  • Al Bee

    Good collection. Does any of these allow a customer to download a product which becomes free after a coupon is applied?

  • I too thank you!!
    I will star soon using them.

  • this is what im looking for. thanks very much.

  • Hello my name is Andrea, my website http://www.mercatinoplus.net
    I’m unemployed I want to try to put on an Ecommerce.
    I downloaded MY very very nice.
    I wanted to ask you the translation ITALIAN.

  • give28@libero.it

    I’ve tried do install AyoShop but wordpress told me that I havr to installe Genesis and it is not free, right?

  • wow nice for all the free themes πŸ˜€

  • The Genesis Framework is not free, you’re correct. It (currently) costs $59.95.

  • These are fantastic! Thank you so much for your effort in listing them up!

  • They are brilliant, thank you so much!

  • wow, nice themes. I like it.

  • Stefan

    Fantastic list! Thanks for sharing.

  • Nice themes, they’re definitely not all free though. I used Mio on a previous site and the developer actually provides support.

  • I really liked Velvet Sky. I am thinking of using it, instead. Thank you!

  • Mil

    Anybody knows how to use Kakileema?

  • Thank you man.Most of them are premium free themes.I find here my wish theme.

  • steven bush

    VelvetSky theme lacks a stylesheet so it won’t run.

  • Heyy..Can u provide a theme which is used to just compare prices of different products and which gives a list of stores for a specific product. Thanks in advance πŸ™‚

  • Awesome themes! Been looking for a good storefront theme forever!

  • malaks

    Guys any of these themes offer payment gateway extension ? or you have to buy it seperately?

  • Really awesome free Wp themes. I was looking for one for my project. Thanks a lot!

  • Thank you. That was so perfect.

  • Amy

    I’ve tried to use Balita Free theme but the documentation provided by the Smashing Magazine is lacking and the developer does not offer any documentation or support for this theme so trying to match the demo is almost impossible.

  • Dan

    AyoShop isn’t free

  • Mr Mo

    Good job dude!
    This was very helpful.

    Gonna launch a T-shirt line using the Mystile theme and sell some old/vintage clothes i have using Ayoshop.

    Thanks for this article!


  • Thank you for the great theme. Very useful for me.

  • sim

    im looking for more of a product type theme rather than a store ,any ideas where i could find something like that ?

  • Pretty nice themes! It is really hard find free ecommerce wordpress themes. Thanks for sharing!

  • this mio theme nice. but can i plug in news items?

  • Its just fabulous collections that can help me with ecom site.
    Thanks for sharing.

  • Amit kapur

    Very useful. Thanks for sharing!

  • They are all FREE. It is FREE to see their website but not use the system. Very frustrating such blog like this saying free templates but when you visit each one, they aren’t.

  • Nguon hang the thao

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  • denitea

    awesome selection here….but i need theme which have 2 side bar ; left and right for my online store, more similar to WPTOKO themes. perhaps u can recomended which one ? thx much appreciate it

  • Akhtar

    Dear Jacob Gube,

    Really thanks for all this co-operation.

    I want to know which Free theme is good for retail business having a lot of versatile data. Like I want to build a web site for instruments, which has many kinds of instruments and many sub branches.

    Your kind consideration will be highly appreciated, if you reply me by mail also.

  • Aliza

    Thanks for sharing a useful collection of WordPress eCommerce themes with us. I really like your collection and will surely use one or two themes from this amazing collection of themes. Even users may also design themes (or templates) for online stores by themselves with the help of web designing software like templatetoaster. Such tool really helps a lot in creating fully responsive themes or templates in a lesser time without any hassle.

  • Brian

    Awesome roundup Jacob, the collection is slightly dated, but many of the themes you mentioned are still popular today. I recently created this theme https://85ideas.com/public-releases/wordpress-theme-wooshop/ which is free and responsive. Let me know your thoughts?

  • sh

    Hi Jacob, love your themes, especially the Mystile and pro-digital-slr-camera themes.
    Can you tell if there is a plugin/widget that works with with one to enable digital downloads in addition to the physical purchases?

    Thanks in advance


  • sh

    Hi there

    I’m having problems adding one of these fab themes (Mystile theme)to my wordpress.com via the usual Add method. Has anyone got any ideas how i can achieve this?