Font Collection: 10 Stylish Free Stencil Fonts

1. Octin Prison Regular

This free stencil font is by Canadian font designer Ray Larabie, the creator of the free Larabie Fonts set.

Octin Prison Regular

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2. UnitedStencil

UnitedStencil is a free offering from the House Industries type foundry. The font is thin, stylish, and highly functional.


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3. Scriber Bold Stencil

This free stencil font has straight edges inspired by contemporary architectural and computer aided designs.

Scriber Bold Stencil

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4. OricNeo Stencil

Influenced by the movie series, The Matrix, OricNeo Stencil is a free font made by The Northern Block.

OricNeo Stencil

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5. Lintsec

Lintsec is a popular free stencil font by David Rakowski, a successful musician who was nominated twice for the Pulitzer Prize.


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6. Major Snafu

This free stencil font by Vic Fieger is in all-caps and has strong characteristics, both common features of stenciled lettering.

Major Snafu

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7. Octin Stencil Regular

Octin Stencil features powerful and commanding characteristics that are perfect for athletic, construction, and military themes.

Octin Stencil Regular

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8. Sylar Stencil

By The Northern Block font foundry, the free Stylar Stencil font has a unique and modern look-and-feel — a font that will surely garner attention.

Sylar Stencil

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9. Boston Traffic

Boston Traffic is a free stencil font that moderately mimics the often rough and irregular results of spray painted stenciled letterings.

Boston Traffic

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10. WC Wunderbach Rounded Bta

This free stencil font has interesting rounded corners, giving it a somewhat elegant look. Be sure to also check out the non-rounded version, WC Wunderbach Bta.

WC Wunderbach Rounded Bta

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  • Jacob

    WC Wunderbach Rounded Bta is looking very nice in the Small Headline.

  • Sydney Miles

    I love reading your articles and tutorials on Fonts…because I love letters,and writing letters…thanks for sharing your ideas which designers like us can really put to good use in creating awesome and vibrant work results. All the best to the team of Design Instruct! May you never run out of creative ideas so you can keep them coming! Thanks for sharing.

  • Such fun, can’t wait to use them. Thanks for your hard work!

  • Great Fonts thx very much for this styles.. My American shop will become this Style and i think it wins on Headline.


  • David Underwood

    Thanks for sharing!

  • Kris

    Thanks for these awesome fonts! Really great looking too. I’ve always been fascinated by stencil fonts for some reason:) I guess its because the fact I can cut them out easily.

  • Gosh! The universe of fonts.. There’s so much to discover and to learn. I haven’t ‘taken the plunge’ just yet and I’m even considering if it’s worth it. This of this blog. Think of how much knowledge there is behind every little detail about fonts – I can’t see myself learning enough to keep up with guys and blogs like this. I think I’ll just lay back and relax :D. Great blog!!

  • Fantastic set of fonts thanks for gathering them together for us 🙂

  • it was great. with this tool will become more professional website

  • great collection! I do wish there were more graceful stenciling fonts, but sometimes you take what you can get 🙂