Font Collection: 10 Free Slab Serif Fonts

1. Museo Slab 500

Created by exljbris, the Netherlands-based font foundry of Jos Buivenga, Museo Slab 500 is a boxy and affectionate slab serif font.

Museo Slab 500

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2. AW Conqueror Slab

This slab serif font is part of the Conqueror free family of fonts designed by award-winning type designer, Jean FranΓ§ois Porchez. The font family was inspired by the 60-70’s spirit.

AW Conqueror Slab

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3. Nilland

This slab serif font is by Manfred Klein. Nilland is free, but you’re encouraged by the author to make a charitable donation to Doctors Without Borders especially when you employ his fonts in commercial projects.


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4. Klein Slabserif

Another slab serif font by Manfred Klein, Klein Slabserif distinguishes itself with its intriguing (and almost awkwardly truncated) block-shaped serifs.

Klein Slabserif

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5. Bullpen Heavy

Part of the Larabie Collection — a set of fonts by Ray Larabie, a Canadian font designer living in Japan — Bullpen Heavy is a strong and "masculine" font.

Bullpen Heavy

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6. Chunk

This super-bold slab serif font takes its cue from old American Western typography. Chunk was designed by Meredith Mandel and released through the League of Movable Type.


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7. College

Inspired by typefaces frequently used by U.S. state universities, College (by Matthew Welch) is a slab serif font that can give your work a collegiate theme reminiscent of Animal House.


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8. Nadia Serif

Designed by Switzerland-based graphic designer, Nadia Knechtle, Nadia Serif is a clean, thin but strong slab serif font.

Nadia Serif

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9. Indento Bold

Indento is a futuristic slab serif font by Mugur Mihai. The characters’ brackets are indented inward, resulting in a distinctive aesthetic.

Indento Bold

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10. Tertre Extra Bold

Tertre, a font family inspired "from the French signage tradition," is a good display face that works well when utilized in terse text blocks.

Tertre Extra Bold

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  • Good set there, thanks Jacob!

  • Thanks Noel, glad you like this collection. What’s your favorite? These are all great, but Rockwell is still my favorite slab serif (but it’s not free, and thus, couldn’t be placed on this collection).

  • There are some nice finds here. Really like Chunk. However I think you’re using the term slab serif pretty loosely here. Tertre, College, Bullpen… None of those are slab serif fonts by any stretch of the imagination.

  • In the fonts you mentioned, not all characters have block serifs. But, for example, if you look at Tertre, you can see the lower-case n, s, r, u having very blocky/square terminals (compared to a more traditional serif like Georgia).

  • Museo is the best:) Very popular font.

  • Great post. This is a nice addition to break the more common serif and sans serif fonts. Thanks for this collection.

  • Nadia Serif is one hell of a beautiful font! ^^ I adore slab serif fonts, thank you so much for this roundup. There are a few really ugly ones, but others make up for those few.

  • Yep…couldn’t agree more. I’ve found it on Fontdeck to embed on websites, but too bat it’s not free to embed. I’d die of joy πŸ™‚

  • Cool… rockwell is my favorite too… Why aren’t Nilland, Chunk and a few others rendered properly.. they don’t look smooth.. (or is it just my monitor?)

  • Thanks for sharing! Chunk Five just made my day a few days ago, especially since it is okay to be embedded in websites.

  • Rockwell is definitely the classic, but at the end of the day I respect Chunk the most (I’m a sucker for open source / gpl / etc.).

  • TTF font files don’t anti-alias automatically, it seems (at least in Windows). They look fine in Photoshop though if you use anti-aliasing options.

  • I really like this selection of fonts as well – Museo and Chunk are prob the two best in my opinion. I do like to use Rockwell Extra Bold in some of my projects for work, and I also like to use another Slab Serif Font that wasn’t listed here – A font called ‘Facebuster’ which is a really nice bold, Slab Serif Typeface.

  • Nice collection. I really like the first and second best. Museo Slab has a certain flow to it that some of the others don’t, utilizing the rounded style in a nice way with the slabs. πŸ™‚

  • Yeah I know exactly what you mean with Museo. It’s hard to describe, but it’s like those bended stems combined with the well-proportioned blocky terminals that gives it this unique look. I think everything about Museo is perfect, though I think that font family looks the best when it’s at the thicker variety (Medium, Bold, etc.)

  • those were cool fonts thanks!

  • Great collection!

  • Great post and resources Jacob! Overall great collection of slab serif type faces / fonts.

  • Sydney Miles

    wonderful info about fonts. I love the slab serif. I can use this for my blog. All the best!

  • awesome. nadia is missing some quotes πŸ™

  • Wow, really nice list! Too bad you had to take the screenshots – the font rendering is horrible.

  • I’ll be improving the process (and automating) the screenshots. I’m writing code to do so, so that the previews are created using @font-face.

  • Truly gems. Favorite: Chunk.

  • Yes the Nilland font looks chapped in the screenshot. Discourages me from even taking a further look at what it really feels like.

    Yes Rockwell is my favorite slab serif. Thanks for this Jacob

  • Don’t be discouraged, it’s my fault. TrueType fonts look bad on Windows if you don’t use anti-aliasing, and that was I used to capture the screenshots. The font looks great when you use it in graphics application software like Photoshop. Not so much for Word documents though.

    I’ve revised the sampling method for these font collections to show the fonts when anti-aliased. You can see the revised method starting from this font collection.

    Oh and Rockwell is in my top five favorite fonts of all time!

  • Museo is the best, hands down but procuring is rather difficult ’cause all sites link up to the same few sites which sells the entire family & those sites don’t always work.
    College is the next favourite πŸ™‚

  • Susan Guzman

    Jacob, thank you! I’m looking for a slab serif for a project. Really like Chunk!

  • Chunk looks great when I view on my mac but on a windows machine it looks terrible. In fact, I don’t feel that it’s even usable. Is anyone else experiencing the same thing?

  • Nancy

    Does anyone know of a decent alternative to Museo Slab? I’m using it in my marketing pieces and now want to order letterhead but vista doesn’t offer MS. Any suggestions?

  • The fonts listed here are all slab serif fonts, so they might be good alternatives to Museo Slab, which is also a slab serif, and one of the popular ones in this category of fonts.

    Would you mind clarifying what you mean by “vista doesn’t offer MS”? Are you talking about the Windows Vista, the operating system? If you are, wouldn’t you just be able to install Museo Slab? I guess what I’m trying to say is that I don’t think I understand the question/issue, but if you elaborate a bit more, I may be able to help.

  • Jorja

    Great list of fonts! I have chosen Aleo for a design project I am forced to build in word! for print as well, for ease of use between consultants. But Aleo is OTP and wont embed in word or powerpoint. So I’m looking for an alternative. Thinking Museo Slab might be the way to go! Thanks!