• I just love these font compilations you put together.

  • Thanks. I enjoy putting them together!

  • Loving your font collection series of post !

    For this one, got a preference on Rokkitt, Springsteel & RNS Camelia

  • Thanks for these fonts. They’re all stunning!

  • birdflesh

    thank you!!! gracias!!! salamat!!!

  • mehmet

    cholla slab. 🙂

  • simply beautiful! thank you! 🙂

  • I particularly like RNS Camelia and have just added it to my font library. I feel like the others look quite similar in style however this is still a great collection of fonts.

  • These fonts are great, will definitely come in handy!

  • ED

    Thanks from me too. Much appreciated.

  • All killer, no filler.

    Particularly like Rokkitt.

  • Gorgeous and orange.
    I love orange

  • Dee

    I thought you said its free. RNS camelia is not free… 🙁

  • JC Parmley

    It seems like the author has updated the original to “RNS Camelia 2011”. Alternatively, you can grab the previous version from http://www.dafont.com/rns-camelia.font