Font Collection: 10 Free Excellent Monospaced Fonts

1. Audimat Mono

This stylish monospaced font comes from SMeltery, a French font foundry by Jack Usine. Audimat Mono comes in 9 variations (Audimat Mono Light is shown below).

Audimat Mono

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2. Lekton

Designed in the ISIA, (Institute for Industrial Arts in Italy), Lekton was inspired by typefaces used on Olivetti typewriters, a company known for its focus on design.


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3. Liberation Mono

Released by Red Hat, a major Linux distribution vendor, this monospaced font is part of the Liberation font family (that also includes Libration Sans and Libration Serif).

Liberation Mono

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4. CP Mono

Inspired by typefaces used in British license plates, CP Mono is evenly spaced horizontally and vertically (resulting in shorter ascenders and decenders).

CP Mono

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5. Cousine

Designed by Steve Matteson of Ascender Corporation, Cousine is a monospaced font specifically created with on-screen readability in mind.


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6. DejaVu Mono

Part of the DejaVu font family (a group of fonts released into the public domain), DejaVu Mono is great for on-screen readability.

DejaVu Mono

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7. Droid Sans Mono

Droid Sans Mono, developed for the Android platform, is a monospaced variation of Droid Sans. The font is suitable in tabular settings.

Droid Sans Mono

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8. Telegrama

Telegrama is a monospaced font with futuristic aesthetics. The font was designed by Japanese designer Yamoaka Yasuhiro.


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9. Inconsolata

This font by Raph Levien can work very well in designs, but it is most known for, and highly regarded, as a beautiful and readable "programmer’s font".


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10. Luxi Mono

This functional monospaced font made by Kris Holmes and Charles Bigelow is part of the Luxi font family (which also includes Luxi Sans and Luxi Serif).

Luxi Mono

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  • ummm… Cousine and Liberation Mono are exactly the same? Installed both, alternated back and forth between the fonts in FontBook on OS X, and they are exactly the same font.

  • Btw, an excellent coding font is Dina:

  • My fav is Inconsolata 🙂

  • Same! I use it in text editors and in Evernote.

  • Ramesh

    I am not able to see any images from this website plz fix it asap :@ ..

  • Audimat Mono i have to say its the best one really like it!

  • AGAIN!

    gutted….wanted to learn this technique….:(

    no images 🙁 🙁 🙁

  • bobby d

    FontSquirrel shows Cousine as having a dotted zero, but other than that it’s just a newer version of the same design with a different license. Liberation is GPL (free), Cousine is SIL (free but in a different way). The Wikipedia article for “Liberation fonts” has details.

  • bobby d

    Another great monospaced font is Damien Guard’s Envy Code R. Set it to 12.5 points like he recommends. It looks great even without anti-aliasing, for those of us who love that retro dotted-letter vibe.

  • Raghu R

    I love Everson Mono, by Evertype. It’s VERY readable , even at 4px, and Looks too perfect to be real.