Font Collection: 10 Free Bold and Beautiful Script Fonts

1. Lobster

To make the perfect bridges between letters, Argentinean type designer and web developer Pablo Impallari drew various versions of each letter and letter-pairs (ligatures).


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2. Louisianne Black

This interesting bold script font by Dieter Steffmann, a professionally trained typesetter, appears almost retro in aesthetics.

Louisianne Black

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3. Wrexham Script

Wrexham Script by Roger White, who scans text from original artwork and digitally remasters them, produced this strong script font.

Wrexham Script

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4. Marketing Script

The Marketing Script font designed by Dieter Steffmann looks professional, yet friendly and approachable at the same time.

Marketing Script

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5. Ballpark

By Mickey Rossi, Ballpark is an expressive script font that’s perfect for when you want to display an energetic narrative.


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6. QuigleyWiggly

This beautiful script font is created by Nick’s Fonts–a modest foundry by Nick Curtis with a mission to preserve typographic heritage from eras such as the Wild West and the Jazz Age.


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7. Holla Script

The Holla Script font by Dieter Steffmann has an organic look-and-feel, perhaps because of its calligraphic-like serifs.

Holla Script

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8. Black Rose

The name of this font may have been derived from its bold letters that have serifs that are thorny, just like roses.

Black Rose

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9. Forelle

Another creation by Dieter Steffmann, Forelle is a compact and dense script font that’s elegant and versatile.


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10. Creampuff

In 1999, Nick’s Fonts created Creampuff, a very bold script font that feels retro in appearance.


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  • Ballpark and Forelle anre my favorite

  • Nice roundup, Jacob – (free) fonts like these aren’t easy to find.. at least I think they aren’t.

  • Lobster, Forelle, and Creampuff are all pretty sweet fonts! It’s tough to find good script faces that actually read well at different sizes, but most of these seem to work really well for that. Thanks for sharing Jacob, these are very nice!

  • These are all pretty awful

  • Ballpark and black rose for me, I use both very frequently, specially ballpark, I love that font!

  • Lobster and Forelle. There is, especially in Lobster, a certain blockiness. Wonder, does it have to be that way? If it weren’t blocky, would it be too Coca-Cola? These are simply musings free of criticism.

  • Andrew

    A favorite of mine that didn’t make it on the list is Japan:

  • Alex Bleier

    I really like these fonts (Forrele is my favorite). Thanks for posting these links.

  • Red

    Nice ones, thanks for sharing them Jacob!

  • Louisianne Black looks good!

  • Lobster, Ballpark, and Forelle are awesome..

  • That’s great thanks !

  • Don’t take this the wrong way, but this is a design website with a post related to typefaces and you didn’t kern your example headlines. Maybe something to consider for future posts, it would show the fonts in the best possible light.

  • My goal is to show the fonts in their native settings. I do not want to adjust kerning or tracking or line-height so that you all see them in their natural design; the way their designers designed the font.

    My goal isn’t to sell you the fonts — it’s to show you a preview of them the way they were designed. I was even having doubts anti-aliasing them because I wanted them to be as-is; and in previous collections, I kept the fonts anti-aliased, but it’s a bit unfair because of operating-system disparities with font aliasing.

    To other readers: What do you think of my thinking behind this? Should I modify the font characteristics or leave them the way they were designed?

  • Adam George

    agree. awful…awful.

  • Word, I wouldn’t consider using any of these, personally.

  • MattS

    Leave them the way they were designed.
    Kerning is up to the designer using the fonts.

  • I love these collections, you guys are really helping me do a better job at using unique fonts in my projects. Keep up the great work Jacob, it’s very much appreciated.

  • Much appreciated effort. Thanks for sharing these. I liked Forelle and will definitely use it at some stage. It is really stylish yet simple.

  • unas mas bonitas que otras, pero se ven bien, solo es encontrare el estilo adecuado para usarlas πŸ™‚

  • To those that are curious, the comment above is translated by Google as:

    some more beautiful than others, but they look good, only finds it appropriate to use the style:)

    And it is Spanish.

  • I agree. I mean, kerning is subjective–and to be honest, with my obsessive personality, can take me a while for 10 images. I’d rather have a baseline: the native kerning that the font designers put in place in their characters.

  • Cheers, cool fonts

  • Very nice list. They all seem to have a vintage quality to them.

  • Thank you very much! I love these kinds of fonts! They look so nice in a composition.


    2 Su’s! Amazing! LOL

  • And have a look at this too, beautiful font called Honey Script

  • Some solid script fonts here, not sure why some claim them to all be “awful”. Personally, I prefer handwriting any script-based titles or logos, but for body copy or less-intense design projects, these will definitely come in handy. Thanks for posting!

  • Aldo

    I Love Typography and don’t want to be negative, but unfortunately I don’t think any of these are particularly good.

    I think it’s great that this post has start this conversation but let’s keep it real, these font’s are mediocre at best.

    In my opinion the following are what I consider to be good script fonts.

    There a great fonts out there, just takes a little time & patience!

  • a couple of those were pretty awful..I guess that’s the reason there are 1000’s of fonts, one for each taste and project.

  • Unfortunately, the website is down πŸ™
    Any other link to provide ?

  • spring_breeze

    thank you~
    from korea.