Font Collection: 10 Free Blackletter Fonts

1. Cloister Blackletter

By typesetter and type designer Dieter Steffmann, Cloister Blackletter is a popular gothic script font. See it used in Heinritzh Sales’s illustration tutorial, Creating Complex Style Illustrations: A Process.

Cloister Blackletter

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2. Blackletter

Another strong and interesting font by Steffmann, Blackletter has sharp, pointed ends at the bottom of the letters’ stems.


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3. Canterbury Old English

The Canterbury Old English font embodies the spirit of the European medieval period.

Canterbury Old English

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4. Bertholdr Mainzer Fraktur

German CAD and font designer Peter Wiegel designed this blackletter font that has tight ligatures and excellent contours.

Bertholdr Mainzer Fraktur

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5. Rochester

Roger White, who recreates fonts using scanned artwork, designed Rochester, an expressive gothic script font.


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6. ManuskriptGotisch

This font is based on a manuscript that dates back to 1514 by a printer who lived in Paris, France named Wolfgang Hopyl.


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7. Kingthings Spikeless

A variant of Kingsthings Spike, this homage to blackletter fonts has fewer flourishes and is more legible than the original.

Kingthings Spikeless

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8. TypoasisBoldGothic

German type designer and writer Manfred Klein created this strong, thick, and organic gothic script font.


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9. Hartwig-Schrift

The Hartwig-Schrift font is a bold German font face that appears to be very calligraphic in nature. The font’s compact aesthetic is due to its small amount of tracking.


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10. Germanica

Paul Lloyd, a type designer in Australia and a transplant from the UK, designed this bold gothic script font.


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  • Very Beautiful Fonts Thanks for sharing this list

  • I can’t really use these for work, but I do like them! They certainly have their place though.

  • These are awesome! I’m trying to come up with a few ways to use these in my personal projects. Thanks for sharing!

  • These are all awesome fonts! Although I might only be able to use about a couple of them.. and for special projects only… limited use, but still awesome work! Thanks for sharing here 🙂

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