Crystal Stars: Vector Pack


Click on the image to see the vector pack in full.



  • File format: EPS
  • Size: 1024 x 728
  • Attribution requirement: None
  • Number of items: 5
  • Number of files: 1

Licensing and Usage

Free for commercial and personal use. You cannot resell or redistribute this freebie without permission from Design Instruct.

Download Source files

  • Awesome, thanks!

  • Interesting vectors. Thanks for sharing!

  • Amazing design. Thanks.

  • Hey hi Issac … i guess their is some problem with ur rss feeds.
    I use google reader & i can only see the overview of ur articles(only content before more>> ) instead of full content.

  • Hi Jaan, yes this is something of a debate with us here at Design Instruct.

    Here’s where we landed: we think that RSS feeds should just be kind of like notices that there is new content on the site. If the post seems interesting, you could head over to the site to read more. If it doesn’t, then you can quickly skip past it.

    Also, full feeds take up a lot of server resources, especially for content heavy sites like Design Instruct. One of the ideas behind Design Instruct is to promote the use of the site so that we can create a community around the content. We want people to engage and collaborate, discuss with each other.

    If you head over to our ‘Upcoming Features’ page, you’ll see that we plan to make Design Instruct a place where interaction will be more robust. We hope you stick around for these upcoming changes!


  • @Jaan: We’re updating our RSS feeds though so that you see more stuff. You’ll see a thumbnail image, a preview, and the introduction of the content.

  • Awww . . .

    “The file was generated with a newer version of Illustrator…”

    Might be time for me to upgrade. (currently on CS3)

  • Sorry about that Timmy. We’ll see what we can do to make these files backwards-compatible.

  • Paul Girardin

    Thank You!

    These are real nice!!!

  • Rachel Dassin

    Thanks a lot for the file! I just learned from this: how to edit .eps files, but I didn’t have any that I could practice on, and this will work great, thank you!