Creative Business Cards that Function as Other Things

The business cards you’ll see below aren’t likely to be the usual everyday business cards handed out at a conference or in a meeting, but a creative promotional tool to attract better brand awareness.

With this in mind, we scoured the Web to find the very best examples of unique multi-purpose business cards to show some amazing and creative ways to really stand out from the crowd!


These ought to spark a bright idea!


"Our reputation is spotless."


Just make sure it isn’t the USB stick with your company’s confidential financial information in it.

3D Glasses

Well it improved the film industry. Oh, wait…


Work hard, but play it safe.

Wheel Nut Tightener

Extremely useful (if you’ve got a bike, that is).

Fortune Cookies

You may be hungry soon: order takeout now.

Ninja Stars

These cards should probably come with a health and safety warning!

Ninja Stars

Playing Cards

Anyone for a game of 52 card pickup?

Playing Cards

Nail File

"Our future is looking good."

Tea Bags

Brewing success?


We couldn’t possibly do this showcase without a LEGO reference, could we?

(Fake) Camera

Cheese! (Or cheesy?)


A business card comb that plays classic rock music? This one scores an 11!

Chewing Gum

The perfect card for a sticky situation.


Back to the drawing board.


Inflation, in this case, is good for business.

Whoopie Cushion

Who says business can’t be a laugh? These are simply perfect for the Atomic Toy Co. who came up with the idea!

Lock Pick

Pick a card… or a lock.


This business is bling!

Shoe Polish

"Our designs really shine."

Paper Plane

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s a business card!

Sun Dial

"Your time is important to us."


Upgrade to business (card) class.


Mmm… I’d love a drink right about now.


A menu? What’s next, printing business cards on food?

Meat Card

Yup! Just be careful your new contact isn’t feeling peckish.

Dog Biscuit

Dogs need to eat too, remember. Down. Sit. Beg. Good boy!


Looks like they’re missing ketchup. (You can tell that I’m British!)


Yes! Triple word score.

Rubber Band

"Our rates are pretty flexible."

Scratch-off Card

Yay! You won my email address.

Dog Tags

They say the life of an entrepreneur is deadly.

Tongue Depressor

Certainly makes doctor visits more palatable.


"Whatever the problem, we can find a cure."


"We like to explore all the options."

Bottle Opener

The perfect companion for the coaster business card!

Pop-out Animal

Are you having a giraffe?


"To light your way to our services."

Magnifying Glass

"We can find you a solution."

Nutritionist Business Card

Just don’t eat the whole thing before memorizing their phone number!

Rubber Stamp

Just add ink, and everything is now a business card.

Penny Shooter

Losing an eye should get you out of that 4-hour meeting.

CD Business Card

Just eject this one from your cardholder to stand out in any meeting.


An easy way to get your business in people’s faces. Or mouths.

Guitar Pick

Stairway to business opportunities

Dental Floss

"I’m afraid we have no plaques on our walls."


May contain traces of business details.

Catapult (Card-apult)

Let the business battle commence!

Lego Brick

What can we say? We love LEGO.


"We are a fast moving company."


"We intend to grow our business."

Price Tag

No need to shop around.

Clothes Peg

"We won’t hang you out to dry."

Model Kit

This one is for your Dad.

Clothes Patch

Wear your logo (not your heart) on your sleeve.

Word Search

"If you can’t work it out, we don’t want you to work with you."

Wood Man

Why not leave a piece of you (or a mini-you) after your meeting?


How will your company’s services measure up?

Tape Measure

I can’t do another "measures up" joke after that last one, sorry.


We just need a hammer business card for a complete toolkit now.


"We keep things well organized here."


Success is a close shave these days.


Maybe knocking over a few could be a metaphor for a bad day.

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  • This is a lovely collection!
    Great job finding all of them.
    They are amazing.

  • Awesome business cards

  • pretty sweet list, I’ve seen a lot of these before.

  • Jen

    I would totally do a set of dominoes and hand them out one at a time. Cool.

  • nice collections

  • Ken

    Awesome examples but where do you get some of this cool creations made? Any ideas?

  • Wow! That’s really inspiring!!!

  • Dina

    wowww amazing post congrats I loved it

  • Ronnie

    I have been asking the same question on every beautiful business card post, no one seems to know or want to answer. My conclusion is that these creative creations are just an example of what designers can do. most of them can not be produced by mass only one by one. Please prove me wrong.

  • gambhum

    Wow ideas & Great Inspiration!

  • annal hanbali

    This is a lovely collection!

  • I have to agree that these are all very unique and inspiring! I really love this collection for the fact that they all serve dual purposes. The sponge, the fortune cookie, and the balloon are just a few that stood out to me. Thanks for sharing!

  • Taras Vilkov

    You can model most of these in CAD systems like SolidWorks. Then get them 3D printed (done that for my degree project). Another way is to use CAM to just cut the cards out of whatever material you want. Just send the model in CAD to company that does this kind of thing, pick the material or bring your own and you’ll have yourself manufactured business cards. Arrange the cards in CAD model like you would for printing (eg 2*6 cards), put in a sheet of wood/metal etc, and the computer will cut them out for you!
    Take a look at this site. Its in Russian but you’ll get the idea of the sort of things that can be made using CAD/CAM, available to anyone.
    Hope this helps.

  • Beth Smith

    Hello…I provide software training for large organizations and have done a lot of looking and would like your thoughts (if possible) on a “catchy” business card design. It seems from all the designs I have seen, they all look basically the same. Would appreciate your comments!