Colored Vintage Paper: Texture Pack


It’s obvious that colors make us feel different things. When you see yellow, you feel cheery, and when you see deep blue, you may feel sad. Color psychology is all around us.

Colors are also an important part of your website – since they reflect the style and feel of your brand. On this page, we’ve included handfuls of colored vintage-textured papers for you to download.

Colored Vintage Paper Texture 01 (Aqua)


Colored Vintage Paper Texture 02 (Blue)


Colored Vintage Paper Texture 03 (Brown)


Colored Vintage Paper Texture 04 (Dark Blue)


Colored Vintage Paper Texture 05 (Deep Blue)


Colored Vintage Paper Texture 06 (Deep Green)


Colored Vintage Paper Texture 07 (Deep Orange)


Colored Vintage Paper Texture 08 (Deep Red)


Colored Vintage Paper Texture 09 (Grey)


Colored Vintage Paper Texture 10 (Light Yellow)


Colored Vintage Paper Texture 11 (Lime)


Colored Vintage Paper Texture 12 (Magenta)


Colored Vintage Paper Texture 13 (Midnight Black)


Colored Vintage Paper Texture 14 (Moss Green)


Colored Vintage Paper Texture 15 (Orange)


Colored Vintage Paper Texture 16 (Pink)


Colored Vintage Paper Texture 17 (Purple)


Colored Vintage Paper Texture 18 (Red)


Colored Vintage Paper Texture 19 (Sea Green)


Colored Vintage Paper Texture 20 (Yellow)



  • File format: JPG
  • Size: 3600x3600px
  • Licensing: Commercial and personal work under Design Instruct Downloadable Freebie Files
  • Limitation of use: Do not redistribute or sell files
  • Number of items: 20
  • Number of files: 20

Download Source Files

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  • It is. At the very bottom of the page you can download all the source files if you wish. You can see it right above the comments πŸ™‚

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  • You have two options: download them individually or at the bottom, as one big ZIP file, like Ciara said.

    I personally like freebies that allow for single downloads because that way, I can just go back to this page and download the texture I want or drag it from here, directly into Photoshop instead of hunting it down in my hard drive. This is what I personally do when I create graphics for Design Instruct.

    In any event, we’re catering to both preferences: Download just the ones you want or download the whole thing.

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  • These are REALLY good!! I will use them in my next WordPress theme with a link attached (free for commercial use, right?).
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  • Yes. This is an appropriate use (it’s part of a project, and you’re not just selling the texture by themselves) based on our freebie usage terms.

    If it’s not too much trouble, we’d all love to see the final outcome so please feel free to share the link to your WordPress theme here in the comments!

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    Thank you very much. Well done – simple and colorful. This inspired me to use it in the next edition of the magazine for business women. I will send a link around Christmas, you saw how it looks.

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