How to Collaborate on Designs in Photoshop

We all know that design feedback and collaboration takes up a lot of time. But we have to do it. It’s part of the job we’ve chosen.

Screenshots, documentation, emails/phone calls/meetings, waiting for feedback, and all of that can seriously slow a project’s momentum down to a crawl.

Wouldn’t it be cool if you could just have a live online meeting and also be able to tweak the design in real-time while discussing the design with the client?

And what if you were able to do it right from inside your favorite graphics editor, Photoshop?

Client: Can we make the green a bit darker?

Designer: I’m on it.

**Changes a layer style setting**

Is this fine?

Client: Just a tad lighter.

Designer:  How about now?

Client: Perfect!

You can do what I’ve just described with LiveShare PS, a free Photoshop plugin.

Unfortunately the plugin is only available for Mac users and is compatible only with Photoshop CC. It’ll also ask you to register an account at the InVision site before you can use it.

Watch the demo video to see how this Photoshop plugin can make design feedback and collaboration a simpler activity.

How do you normally conduct design feedback and collaboration meetings? Share your tips in the comments.

  • Ausra

    I know a free tool to help in this case, called TrackDuck. It’s very cool. It’s like you can comment and make snapshots easily on the project. I’ve integrated it with Jira, and now I track problems and exchange tasks with other people.

  • Lee Garcia

    Ooops, I cannot use it… CS6 running on Windows… really a shame… it would be very useful. Any other similar tool on the internet?