Coffee Rings: Photoshop Brush Pack


Coffee Rings: Photoshop Brush Pack


  • File format: ABR
  • Size: 500-1000px
  • Licensing: Royalty-free, can be used for commercial and personal work
  • Limitation of use: Do not redistribute files
  • Number of items: 9
  • Number of files: 1

Download Source Files

  • Great Jacob, very creative 🙂

  • Thanks JP!

  • Deb

    Nice, they look too good, even though i am not a designer 🙂

  • Nice coffee rings! Thanks for sharing!

  • Thanks Deb. Glad to pique the interest of a non-designer!

  • No problem at all. Hope you find good use for these Linda. Don’t be shy to drop a comment here showing us your work if you ever use ’em.

  • This is excellent! Very nice indeed. I’ve been looking for something like this. Gonna use ’em on the re-design of my website.

  • Oh nice Jacob. Pretty cool, Thanks for sharing

  • What sort of projects do you recommend using these on?

  • You can use them in a variety of ways, Laurie. They’d be perfect for a grunge or an organic design project. Check out this showcase of using coffee stains in web design, for inspiration.

  • Nice Rings Photoshop Brushes design,Thanks for share and hope see more beautiful brushe???

  • JC

    Really nice brushes…I love coffee rings, they can give such a nice subtle grunge/distressed look. THX!

  • Suzy

    Yes, I love all the organics here – the cardboard, the coffee rings, the business cards, the blob brushes…very nice and inspiring. I see so many hard metal chrome edges in my surfing – it’s just nice to see organic stuff, y’know?

  • 100% agree with you. That’s why many of the freebies I make are organic and start from real world objects instead of being 100% digitally manufactured (such as the most recent one, the paint blobs brush pack). Thanks for the comment Suzy.

  • LivE

    thank you! this is AWESOME! you rock!

  • Céline Laplace Gautier

    Dear Jacob, I love those but for some reason, couldn’t download the zipfile (lots of strange characters…) Help pls. they are too awesome ! thanks

  • Céline, try now. I tested it just now and it works.

    However, lately, we’ve been getting more and more messages that the download links are failing. This is because the server infastructure we are currently on cannot handle our needs.

    This will be resolved shortly when we move to bigger and much better servers. However, this takes a while because of the significant amount of data we’ve accumulated, plus the costs associated with such a move.

    So, I hope that in the mean time, you all bear with us as we get our server affairs in order.

    Thank you, and enjoy the brush pack, and if you continue to experience the same problem — please let me know.

  • Halimah Wright

    Gracias for the stains, they are great

  • Inspirational 🙂 gives a lot of ideas for designs…

  • Coffee rings are so realistic and inspiring! Thanks for sharing your collection… But what about commercial use?

  • You can use them any way you want except distributing/reselling the files themselves. But as part of a commercial project (album cover, web design, iPhone app, whatever), it’s fine.

  • Greg Spalding

    Really nice, came in handy! Many thanks 🙂

  • Awesome, and the first hit on my search. Exactly what I need for the RPM challenge album cover I’m working on. Thanks

  • Pernille

    Weird – can’t open the downloaded .abr file in Photoshop 5.1 (Mac) – any suggestions?

  • Nice brushes. Thanks for sharing.

  • Court Williams

    LOL! I just downloaded your coffee stain brush set and created a test doc to try them out…& had gleeful FUN! I don’t know when/where I’ll use them, but LOVE THEM. I’ll find a use for them somehow/someway! Thanks for creating the set!

  • Glad you had fun with these Court. There are many places to use these on, but mostly they’re for accenting your graphic design pieces.

  • Rebecca

    I wish these were also in png format