Best Cities to Freelance in the U.S. (Infographic)

But, for the self-employed, some cities might be better than others.

If you’re thinking about moving to another city, consider these questions:

  • How many people are self-employed in the city? A large number of self-employed individuals mean the city is favorable towards freelancers. The city might even offer special perks for freelancers because they’re a big part of the economy.
  • How much will it cost to live there? Lower living expenses equates to more capital for growing your freelancing business.
  • What’s the unemployment rate like? A low unemployment rate is a clue the city has a thriving economy. Good economic health means there will be plenty of freelancing opportunities in the area.
  • How much will my health insurance cost? One of the costliest things freelancers need to pay for is health insurance.  Factoring in health insurance costs could save you a lot of money in the long-run.

To help you find the perfect U.S. city, check out this infographic by Blinksale.

Infographic about best cities for freelancersCredit: Blinksale

Other things to keep in mind are:

  • Income tax rates
  • Time zone – this might affect your ability to set up voice calls with companies in a different time zone.
  • Community – look for cities that have a strong community of freelancers. You’ll get more chances to network and hang out with like-minded people, which is always helpful whenever you’re new to an area.
  • evan

    I gotta say, I think this is a terrible infographic. In my opinion, an infographic isn’t just data drawn with pretty pictures, it actually makes visual connections between data points, saving the viewer the work. This is not making such connections.