30 Beautiful Landing Pages Optimized for Converting Visitors into Users

1. Code School

Code School

2. Stripe

19. Stripe

3. Gift Rocket

Gift Rocket

4. Instagrille


5. Tiny Letter

Tiny Letter

6. LightCMS


7. Path

5. Path

8. Square


9. Treehouse


10. Shopify


11. Mixpanel

Mix Panel

12. Rapportive


13. Rdio


14. Simple


15. Tips and Trip

Tips and Trip

16. Trello


17. Clean My Mac

Clean My Mac

18. Yesware


19. Wufoo


20. Mailchimp


21. Daily Mile

Daily Mile

22. Noded


23. FreshBooks


24. Visual Website Optimizer

Visual Website Optimizer

25. New Relic

New Relic

26. Odoro


27. WePay


28. Huli Health

Huli Health

29. Mobile Web Book

Mobile Web Book

30. Fitocracy


Resources on Optimizing Landing Pages

If you’re looking to improve the performance of your landing pages in terms of converting your site visitors into users, check out the articles listed below:

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  • Skweekah

    A beautiful compilation. Web design and front-end functionality has come so far in such a short space of time. Thanks for sharing.

  • Howdy Guys! I think the Mailchimp is very good one New Relic also.

    This kind of design have a name? by the way…

  • Great work, Stephanie. I wonder if it is the whole product design and business model or the landing page design itself. What is the weight of landing page design? 10% or 30%? Your guesses?

  • Great collection thankyou for sharing with everybody 🙂

  • Code School landing page left me impressed. I must also admit the form to request an invitation of Simple is very very good! I think I’m borrowing that design for my next landing page design.

  • this is very cool desgin

  • Great share, thanks for your effort. Though I like the shopify one, but all are quite inspiring.

  • bagus banget, benar-benar dapat di jadikan inspiration….

  • Nice collection of websites. Gift Rocket is my favourite.

  • Thank you for the lovely comments and displaying our page – Anthony from HuliHealth

  • I inspired with all collections of websites you mentioned above.

    well done guys.

  • No problem! Looks great.

  • Awesome collection Stephanie! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  • Jeff Andrade

    This is a great collection of websites, thankyou for sharing 🙂

  • Good examples, really useful article, thanks.

  • Sebastian

    I think I will miss one http://www.terviu.com

  • This is a great wrap up 🙂

    I love all of these pages. Codeschool is definitely one of my fave. They’ve got the product to back-up their awesome landing page. I’ve created some premium Landing Lead Capture pages at http://www.leadpagelabs.com if anyone is interested.

    Thanks again for this awesome wrap-up!

  • I just search example that can inspiring, and I stoping by here. I love Code School, Stripe, and Tree House.

  • WOW! all of those landing pages are so awesome 🙂