The Advice of 50 Successful Designers

5 Questions for 100 Designers is a site that asks some of the world’s most recognized designers a set of short questions geared at getting their advice for new designers. There are currently 50 interviews on the site, with more on the way.

Some of the designers already interviewed are Jessica Hische and Joey Cofone.

An excerpt of Jessica Hische's interview on the website '5 Questions for 100 Designers'.

What are your tips for designers just starting out in the industry? Share it with us in the comments.

  • Thanks for sharing this, Jacob. There are so many insights and tips in these featured interviews that one can make use of and remember whenever a new circumstance or a new beginning presents itself. For me, I have always known that once I have figured it out – what I want to do or to be – I tell myself I must not give up, especially if it is too soon! Never give up and never let anyone or anything stop you from fulfilling your dreams. Constant learning is a must, if we want to become one of the bests in our craft. May you have spring wells of ideas that always overflow and may they never run dry. As always, all the best to the Six Revisions and Design Instruct teams.

  • This blog is a must read for any web designer who is attending an interview and looking for a career in the field of web design. Keep posting such useful articles.

  • Alec

    This is a great post, definitely a must read 🙂