30 Examples of Using Background Patterns in Web Design

1. Print Mor

Print Mor

2. Alfred App

Alfred App

3. Pop Chart Lab

Pop Chart Lab

4. Kelli Anderson

Kelli Anderson

5. Rob Edwards

Rob Edwards

6. Sarah Longnecker

Sarah Longnecker

7. Shelly Cooper Design

Shelly Cooper Design

8. Scribble & Tweak

Scribble & Tweak

9. Hungarian Wine Society

10. Rareview

11. Pointless Corp

12. Fixel

13. StruckAxiom

14. Cuban Council

15. Paravel

16. Burciaga

17. Brave Nu Digital

18. Zap! Media

19. McKinney

20. Hush Studios, Inc.

21. enjoythis

22. iPhone-icon.com

23. Mark Dearman

24. EEHarbor

25. Studio Nudge

26. AppVita

27. kovidesign

28. vnsaga

29. Marc Mendell

30. Emtwo

  • Very nice post, I like the webdesign as well. Just wondering, is there another great site such as subtlepatterns.com? Because I’m looking for more and more patterns!


  • Very good collection, mate! Later on I’ll head back to this post for inspiration – that’s for sure!

  • Nice post, I love this collection.
    Thanks Jacob for your time!

  • Dice

    They’re not usually subtle, but there’s a ton of patterns over at DinPattern.com

  • Thanks for that link! I did not know that site.

    What I am missing in this showcase is some metallic stuff like aluminium.

    But anyway, great showcase for inspiration!

  • A good selection. Thanks for the inspiration. More ideas after this post.

  • Great post, another great site using a background pattern is http://www.jakedickinson.co.uk ! Maybe include it in the list!

  • Nice post, and I love how you’ve zoomed in to bits to show the background close up.

  • nice collection,,thx

  • Some very nice inspirational websites there

  • nice reference, subtle changes make a big difference

  • I like the clean designs you picked for this post. Some provide really great examples of utilizing various design elements for an exquisite effect.

  • alex

    Great collection! thanks for the inspiration!

  • beautiful website background inspirations as designer.

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  • Great sites here – A ton of inspiration

  • Great collection. I love it.

  • Thanks so much for this great list its really inspiring, We do joomla web development and using background image repeats really works well.

    Thanks again

  • Mate, that is AN AWESOME site. Have you found more? I LOVE those patterns too.

  • Thanks for featuring my wife’s site on here.

  • Great collection, thanks.

  • nice post. got an idea of the designs. great!

  • Love the design with the Coke Zero that uses the laptop screen as a slider. Very nice.

  • SamMark

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    Translated by Google Translate: Was very helpful thank you.

  • Nice post. Being an SEO / Web designer myself, I’m pretty picky when it comes to websites. So often they’re overly busy and complicated. But something as simple as a (well chosen) and groovy background can really lift the overall look of a site.

    Just don’t let the background overpower the site though.


  • Suebo


  • Creative & inspired designs. A perfect showcase for the beginners. Great effort Jacob & your team.

  • Really nice patterns!


  • vasu

    awesome collection

  • Background pattern are becoming more and more common in websites now. This is a great collection of good examples of this.

  • Great post. Love the way you showcase the web design and the pattern used.

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