• http://www.cyber-key.com M.-J. Taylor

    I like many of these, and I had never thought of blue as a color of trustworthiness … but it *is* the color of the sky and sea and could certainly be seen as a color of stability, I suppose. Here’s a blue design (not mine) to add to your list: http://www.rudymolinet.com/.

  • http://macxim.posterous.com Maxime

    Very nice collection!! Awesome websites here.
    Thanks for sharing this, Jacob.

  • http://twitter.com/ngassmann Nick Gassmann

    Is it just me or do the pull quotes on Shaping the Page one get lost in the background? Especially the pull quote in the right bar.

  • http://read2learn.net Kent

    Those websites are cool. I need someone to design me one of those asap

  • http://www.wpcircle.com SK

    Nice Inspirational Collection! Like them all. Thanks for sharing!

  • seb_cr

    Very bleu-tiful !

  • http://www.twitter.com/peternudo Peter Nudo

    Always have been a huge fan of Squared Eye’s style

  • http://youridealgraphicdesigns.com/ Popartgal

    Very nice collection! Thanks for the inspiration! Will definitely keep this in mind for this current project I’m working on 🙂 Cheers!

  • http://twitter.com/shapingthepage Andy Johnson

    Thanks for the input Nick! Maybe we’ll play with those pull quotes some more, but I think I’m partial to them being subtle. Always appreciate the feedback though!

  • http://smilesandcheers.wordpress.com Sydney Miles

    Well-chosen collection of blues! Thanks for sharing, Jacob…they are so inspiring..

  • http://featurethem.com Angelee

    My favorite ‘blue’ here is the BountyBev, love its very creative use of perception.

  • http://www.praharsh.in Praharsh RJ

    I love the color blue……

  • http://www.cgbaran.com cgbaran

    Blue really great for web so refreshing thanks

  • http://explainafide.com.au Robin Jennings

    Blue is so often given a bad rap in web design circles as its the prefered colour for Accountants & Finance guys but if its used well can really create a great style.

  • http://www.templatemonster.com/ Helen Bailey

    Thank you for a bunch of inspiration. If you want another view on the color blue in web design, please feel free to check this infographic http://www.templatemonster.com/infographics/blue-website-design-keys-infographic.php

  • http://www.red-website-design.co.uk Mark Ford

    Great collection. Some great inspiration for a new project I’m working on. Thanks for sharing.