30 Beautiful Photo-centric Web Designs for Inspiration

Marios Cafe

Narnia Yacht Charter

Hearts’ Cry Inc

The Cassette

Jessica Hische



Tobias Persson

East Village Eatery

Ernest Hemingway Collection

Sven Prim

Rich Brown

We Choose the Moon

Noah Stokes

Jeremy Gleave

Antonio Giuseppe Peligra

Julian Perretta

Moods of Norway




Te Kahu Lake House

Lila & Claudine’s

Merus Wines


Bokche Creative Studio

Manufacture d’Essai

Wrangler Europe

Ledgard Jepson


  • Not only are these great examples of photo driven web designs, but many of them also show a great use of typography and overall structure. There are so many cool ways of creating an effective layout and in my opinion, one of the biggest challenges is figuring out how to organize the content and let the design support it, rather than the other way around.

    Marios Cafe, The Casette, and Rich Brown are just a few of the ones that I really enjoy here. Thanks for sharing an inspiring collection of thoughtfully done websites!

  • Like always, great article!

  • Ver y nice selection. Thanks!

  • That is what we need today – simplicity! Sometimes it is just too much information, even in the design of the websites. I will post this article on Facebook. Thanks!

  • Fantastic. Well done and nicely presented.

  • WOW…this is some list you got here.
    Its gonna take me a week to get through all of it.

    Amazing stuff, lots n lots n lots of inspiration here.
    I love Jessica Hische’ work. Incredible typography.


  • Diabo?

    Moods of Norway is really cool!

  • Diabo?

    Moods of Norway is really cool!

  • Really awesome designs! This compilation makes me think to design a site from scratch since I can’t find yet a perfect theme for a CMS-based one.

  • I really nice Bokche design studio’s website.

    As a designer it is so easy to try and fit in all the bells and whistles so i really appreciate the restraint of the home page.