• great collection!

  • Nice designs there – Some of the classics are there and some really good new designs that I haven’t seen yet!! 🙂

  • Nice list, but the MetaLab blog didn’t seem to stand up to the uniqueness of the others. Am I missing something?

  • Wow! I really like some of these – they truly are unique and memorable. I have been looking for some free blog templates that don’t have just another plain, homogenized look and feel but it’s pretty tough. I guess there are probably more people creating their own themes now which is smart. I wish I knew how to just make one!

  • I’m sorry, but Adii is using generic templates from WooThemes. Is that worth for showcasing?

  • what do you think of this one http://darky-ben.fr/blog/ ?

  • nice collection

  • Rob

    Some seriously beautiful sites here. I’d be curious to know the different platforms on which they’re built. I know there is at least one on ExpressionEngine, and probably several on WordPress.

  • There’s one using WordPress for sure, the WordPress guy himself, Matt. :=)

    The first one seems fit for a photography website.. Wonderful collection!

  • Some of these are just so beautiful. I’m sure it takes quite an effort

  • Very nice collection, keep up the good work!

  • Nice collection! Some of the Illustrations used in these designs are amazing!

  • All guys from Cafundó Estudio are really happy to be on this list.
    Thank you very much and congrats for the nice collection 🙂

  • Um. Adii IS WooThemes. They’re HIS.

  • Dan

    This is an excellent collection and very inspirational. There are few blogs that did not make this list that I think should be included. I don’t have a link to the blog, however I was looking for it when I found this list. The format of the blog includes a tree and the various posts are within limbs on the tree. Still, this is a great list. Thanks for sharing.

  • I’m thinking of expanding this collection at a later date.

  • Great collection thanks

  • Jack Harmon

    great collection, i just dont think adii should be up there.

  • Awesome Collection of Creative Blog Designs.

    Specially i like “Duirwaigh Studios”
    Thanks for sharing

  • Thanks for the great designs.

    I have also developed this good design – http://help-abap.zevolving.com/ . I hope it will help others to get some more ideas.

    Naimesh Patel

  • Awesome Blog designs! Your post is full of design inspiration! Thanks a lot for sharing 🙂