20 Visually Striking Compositions from the Design Instruct Flickr Pool

Below you’ll find a great collection of images that we just love from the Design Instruct Flickr pool. Hopefully a few of these images serve to inspire and tickle your creativity!

Thank you to everyone who has submitted their work to the pool so far. We look forward to seeing more amazing work! We’ve included links to their portfolios or their Flickr profiles so you can check out more of their work.

Also, remember, you can also submit your own images and artwork to the Design Instruct Flickr pool! Enjoy!







Edu Gusmao



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  • Aaron

    Some great works. I have to be critical in the sense that some of these pieces sent no message, at least to me. Now Edu’s piece was smart, and Dimitri and Ciarasworld were great but on a few of the other artists, I have to question their communication methods. I’m sure if given the appropriate project, they would do very well, and include their stylistic features too.

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