20 Typography Designs for Inspiration: March 2012

Type design, or lettering in general, are some of my favorite pieces to look at. Not only does one get to observe the artistic style of the artist but sometimes, the words the artist chooses can offer a glimpse into other sources of inspiration. Below, you’ll find some of the freshest typographic treatments we’ve seen recently. It’s quite inspiring to see such great work and on such diverse mediums. There’s even a piece done with chalk! Enjoy.

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Artem Sukhinin

Atelier Olchinsky

Teagan White

Marcelo Schultz

Samuel Carter Mensah

Mauro Andres

Irene Serrano

Daniela Nakic Alfirevic

Dorota Grabkowska

Lucaz Mathias

Matthew Crouch

Francois Leroy

Boris Pelcer

Mathias Nösel

Pete Adams

Chris Yoon

Share some of your typographic efforts in the comment’s section! Or if you’d like to show us work that you personally admire, then please feel free to post a link to their work in the comment’s section as well!

  • Really inspirational type designs! I personally LOVE the “If I Were You” treatment – that’s right up my alley! Thanks for sharing these 🙂

  • i really like the Teagan White its fantastic!
    also the hand letters from chris yoon and mauro andres are beautiful.

    i wonder where you guys find this stuff the whole time! i never find something like that!

  • Now you can find it here! We’ll always have something new for you guys to see!

  • John

    Beautiful pictures, thank you for sharing Issac. For more free high-quality web elements you could also check http://www.creattor.com.

  • great pics, thank you for sharing the nice designs

  • Hi Isaac,
    amazing inspiration,
    I invite you to visit my portfolio
    greetings from Colombia