10 More Websites for Free Stock Photos

It kind of makes sense, if you ask us. There’s no doubt that the art of photography has made its way into the “main-est” of mainstreams. Every person in the world with access to a cellphone (or tablet) now has a camera in their hands. Therefore, our collective obsession with image creation (and thus, image consumption) is to be expected. Furthermore, our photographic tastes have also matured and developed. Whereas there was a time (maybe in the late 90’s – early 2000’s) when photography was still seen as an activity done only by people with cameras (i.e. photographers), today, photography is undoubtedly a seemingly universal human activity. A lot of great photos are taken by people everyday and we think it’s great that they are willing to share their photos with everyone.

Below is a list of great stock photo websites that we love right now. The photos below are just some great examples of photos you can find in these websites.

1. ISO Republic


There are some really great, unique images at ISO Republic. The photos on the site are all free to use on personal and commercial projects. However, there are some photos in their collection that feature products or registered trademarks of companies which will require the proper attribution. Click here for their terms and conditions.

2. Life of Pix


Life of Pix a a high-quality collection of stock photos from advertising agency, Leeroy. Their collection has come really interesting images donated to the public domain, all free to use in commercial and personal projects.

3. Startup Stock Photos


Startup Stock Photos is exactly what it sounds like. It is a collection of free to use stock images of modern startup work environments.

4. Moveast


Moveast is a photo collection by a “portuquese guy moving east that decided that every photo should be used for free.” The site contains some great imagery of life and other vistas of some south east Asian countries.

5. Jeshoots


Jeshoots is a great site that contains some very high-quality stock photos. It contains a bit more “traditional” stock photography that you can use on your personal and commercial projects.

6. Travel Coffee Book


Travel Coffee Book is a very cool collection of travel photos. 10 new images are added every 10 days and features some really great landscapes and travel photography. All photos are under CC0 license.

7. Designers Pics


Designers Pics feature a new photo every day for use on personal and commercial projects. There’s a diverse collection of more traditional stock photography along with just some great photos. Definitely worth a look.

8. Crow the Stone


Crow the Stone features really interesting imagery. Their photos are top-notch and are all free to use with no attribution necessary.

9. Split Shire


Split Shire features photography from designer, Daniel Nanescu. With the intention of providing free images for other creatives to use in their own work, Daniel generously offers up his personal photography. The site is full of great images that are definitely worth a look.

10. Skitterphoto


Skitter Photo, just like every other site featured in this list contains high-quality images for you to use for free in your personal and professional work. The site is filled with interesting photos and vistas from all over the world.

For more great free stock photo sites, have a look at this previous list we made on Design Instruct!

Tell us about your favorite stock photo sites in the comments section below.

  • Marie

    Impressive list! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  • Thanks for the mention Isaac (I run ISO Republic).

  • Rachel H.

    Yay! I’m always glad for new free stock sources. Thank you!

  • Jeff

    Awesome list. Some good quality there!

  • Steve

    Useful selection of website. I think paid stock photos should die…

    I can recommend this selection of website http://designmodo.com/free-photos/ a different from your, but also very attractive and free.

  • Thelma VanOordt

    Thank you very much for sharing these links. Very beautiful pictures, hiogh quality. Thanks again.

  • Tom,

    My pleasure! We just love what you’re doing at ISO Republic. There are some really great stock photos there.

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  • sabareeshwaran k

    niz photo snap bt i need a different angle……….

  • cooby

    Awesome article!

  • Steven

    Hey Isaac, this is a great photo list, thanks for putting it together. If you have time, would you consider checking out http://goodstock.photos for this post, or for a future one? There’s a new photo daily, free to use anywhere. Thanks!

  • Bob

    Please also check out http://www.goodfreephotos.com for thousands of unique public domain photos. Appreciate it if you could add it to your list. Thanks.

  • William Longeway

    Just thought that you’d be interested into having a look at our free high resolution stock photography web site:

    I’m sure that it will be useful for all designers out there.

    Thanks in advance for sending in your feedback!

  • TD Hickerson

    skitterphoto is awesome. finally some pics that aren’t instagram-filtered to the nines.

  • Derek

    Here’s one more that should be added: Neustock. It comes with a couple restrictions, namely that you must use the photos for nonprofit or personal use, but other than that, it’s worth bookmarking. Here’s the link: http://rocketrepublic.com/neuestock/