10 Infographics That Will Teach You About Typography

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1. Bold & Justified: The Huge World of Typography Infographic

Did you know that Israel is the source of the most expensive typefaces? Or that Helvetica has 111 different styles? This information-dense infographic reveals a ton of interesting facts about typography.

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2. A Quick and Comprehensive Type Guide

This beginner’s guide to type shows you some popular font categories (like monospaced fonts and script fonts), the anotomy of a typeface, a few typography principles, and more.

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3. What’s Your Typeface?

This infographic starts by disambiguating the terms "typefaces" and "fonts", and then concludes with the top five most-used typefaces in graphic design, journalism, and academia.

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4. Timeline of 10 Famous Fonts Infographic

This infographic shows you the year in which 10 popular fonts were created, along with some popular logos that use each of the featured fonts.

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5. Choosing a Web-Safe Font for Your Website

Because using web fonts is now a widely supported technique for displaying any font on your website (as long as you’re allowed to use the font), limiting your web designs to only using web-safe fonts isn’t necessary. But if you need to use web-safe fonts for some reason, this flowchart infographic will help you pick one.

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6. What are the Origins of the World’s Most Important Typefaces?

This infographic contains a timeline of when the most important typefaces in history were created and includes the designer, country of origin, and historical significance of each typeface.

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7. So You Need a Typeface

This is really a flowchart and cheat sheet with graphic designer Julian Hansen’s suggestions on how to pick a font for a design project, but it does embody the essence of what an infographic is: to present useful information in a visual way.

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8. A History of Western Typefaces Infographic

In this infographic, you’ll see a timeline of important milestones in the evolution of typefaces along with some trivial information (such as the fact that the film poster of the movie The Social Network uses Futura).

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9. Top 10 Fonts Web Designers Love Infographic

This infographic presents data gathered from a survey of 34 designers, so it’s no surprise that Myriad Pro — the default font of Adobe Creative Suite software like Photoshop and Illustrator — is the top most favorite "free" font.

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10. A Brief Introduction to Typography

Because of the title of this infographic, you might get the impression that its content is for beginners. But this infographic goes as deeply as illustrating how the Frutiger Numbering System works and the anatomy of glyphs.

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  • The irony in #9 is priceless. I mean, really…it’s like taking advice from a fat personal trainer.

  • #9 notes ‘Adobe Casion’, which is misspelled. Should be Adobe Calson or Adobe Calson Pro.

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    What other things do your students need to learn? What things are interesting to them? What intermediate-level design topics seem the most useful to them?

  • I think the first one has misspelt ‘Bodoni’ as ‘Bidoni’

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    Can these be printed poster size for educational purposes?

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    What type of fonts are used most for technical books? Informational books?

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    I’d like to see an infographic showing “which fonts are used to add variety to infographics than for any other reason”. Similar to the study that showed that the procedure of arranging pebbles along the spine has been performed more often to create day-spa promotional material than it has been performed for any other reason.

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    Here is a growing interactive timeline on the history of type

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