10 Free WordPress Themes for Portfolio Sites

1. Imbalance WordPress Theme

Imbalance WordPress Theme

This free WordPress theme features modern, clean aesthetics that puts your visual content in the forefront. It has a custom jQuery image gallery, a custom Twitter widget, and its own options page to manage and customize your WordPress portfolio site.


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2. Pure II Theme

Pure II Theme

This elegant and stylish free WordPress theme has a one-column layout and a design that uses web fonts for beautiful typography. It comes in three color schemes. The theme has a built-in slideshow and custom page templates for your portfolio page and site map page.


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3. Fullscreen


With Fullscreen, your content will be front and center. This free WordPress theme is a one-column layout developed particularly for photographers, visual artists, and multimedia professionals. This theme has a built-in HD video player, a slick side-scrolling content area using jQuery, and embedding features for media web services such as YouTube and Google Video.


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4. Shaken Grid

Shaken Grid

Fitting for portfolio sites and image gallery, Shaken Grid is a free WordPress theme with features such a custom themes panel (for customizing the look-and-feel of your site) and a gallery layout that automatically self-adjusts depending on the dimensions of your images.



5. BlueBubble WordPress Theme

BlueBubble WordPress Theme

A free WordPress theme for designers and photographers, BlueBubble boasts premium-like WordPress theme features such as a custom theme options panel and support for 8 different color schemes and styles. Note that this theme requires WordPress 3.0 or higher.


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6. Mansion WordPress Theme

Mansion WordPress Theme

Designed primarily for photobloggers, the Mansion WordPress Theme is nonetheless a wonderful option for presenting visual content. It uses a thumbnail grid that can contain screenshots of your latest projects that, when clicked, takes the interested user to another page that can have a brief description of the image.


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7. Fotofolio Landscape

Fotofolio Landscape

Specifically crafted for visual artists, photographers, and media designers, this free WordPress theme has multiple layouts and style options, a custom theme panel for managing your theme, and special page templates for client testimonials and image slideshows.


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8. AutoFocus+


The AutoFocus+ WordPress theme, while aimed primarily towards photographers, is a wonderful option for anybody working with visual media. The design is clean and laid out in a grid, flexibly working around your content. This is a child theme of Thematic, a popular WordPress theme framework.


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9. SimpleFolio


Exclusively released on Smashing Magazine, SimpleFolio is a clean and professional free WordPress theme intended for use on portfolio sites. It has custom page templates and the ability for you to give specific pages a full-width layout by hiding the right sidebar.


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10. Work-a-holic


Work-a-holic is a free minimalistic WordPress theme for showcasing the work of designers and digital artists. It has a two- or three-column page layout on a perfect grid and a sidebar widget that presents your most recent projects.


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  • Imbalance its a great theme for images!

  • Nice collection. Thanks Jacob.

  • Hi,

    thanks for sharing these free portfolio (or photo) themes, I especially like the ‘Work-A-Holic’ theme. It’s looking minimalistic, clean and without too much features, extra widgets and other disturbing items.

    I used AutoFocus+ (hacked and cracked the theme a little) for the photoblog of my son, love that theme too (http://www.gonzobaby.nl)

    Cheers & Ciao ..

  • Great collection of portfolio themes!

  • This is fantastic! I’ve been looking for minimalistic WordPress themes for some time until I came across Imbalance by WPShower a while back. Gorgeous!

  • Nice collection. I hope you can continue with this small but high quality list. Too many list, 40 or even 100 something, is totally confusing.

  • Great post! I have been looking for something like this for a while now – A clean blog type layout with a nice portfolio section. Thanks Jacob!

  • brandi

    been using fullscreen for awhile now and love it

  • Those are really beautiful themes for Portfolio sites, no doubt about it

  • The free ones have really shocked me as they are high quality. If you had not said they were free, I would have suggested the designer charge.

  • Excellent collection Jacob. Autofocus I’d seen before, but didn’t know it had been updated.

    Unbalance is also a great new one to have in my arsenal.

  • The Imbalance WordPress Theme is absolutely stunning. Thanks for pointing this free template out, I would gladly pay for that one for a client.

  • Excellent collection. Imbalance is great wordpress theme.

  • Nice collections! I actually used one of the themes presented here before. Keep up the good work!

  • ed

    wow! they’re all great!!and also free! thank you

  • Great photo/portfolio theme collocation, i like it!

  • Stewie T

    Oh very nice!! Thanks for sharing!!

  • Thanks! Premium WordPress themes with a zero dollar tag! Awesome!

  • David

    “10 Free WordPRess Themes”. That fullscreen theme ist NOT free!!!

  • lovely collection, I love the FREE Tag

  • Awesome, great work, neat collection

  • As i can remember SimpleFolio was problematic in wordpress 3.0+ but maybe they fixed the issue

  • Great collection. Love the shaken grid theme

  • Work-a-holic does not seem to be there any more. Can we still download it? Thanks!

  • JC Parmley

    Thanks for the update Andrea. It looks like graphpaperpress.com is asking users to register in order to download their free themes. Check it out: http://graphpaperpress.com/themes/workaholic/

  • Wonderful Themes… Looking great.

  • Great themes, will be look to change theme in my travel blog.

  • Please update the URL/Link as some is not there anymore and some of it like the Fullscreen is not for free. Anyway thanks for this 🙂

  • Some great WordPress themes. Thanks.
    The main problem I find with artists websites is protecting copyright. Usually placing watermarks on all the images can help but damages the website design.

  • very beautiful collection here.

  • Mike

    Great collection of WP themes!

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    is the theme AutoFocus+ a responsive site?

  • Hi Jacob,
    Thanks for this portfolio.
    It will be very useful to choose theme while posting content in wordpress.

  • David

    Great themes and big thanks. This is great for photography business

  • Reuben Kolasa

    some webhosting companies give free domains upon signing up with one of their plans;;