• At the moment these are a families of fonts who I Appreciate. I like this style clean and professional. perfect for a site, depliant…more time I use these in my works. Now I see the fonts so nice like “Raleway” and “Singula Compressed”. Thanks for sharing

  • I just like the first font..
    It looks modern.. 🙂

  • Emma

    Muchas gracias por compartir. Un saludo.

  • I really like Geomancy and the simplicity of Raleway.

    Nice collection as always.

  • @Laka: I like the first font, too. Very nice!

  • Yes, clean lines and professional-looking appearance. They’re very useful fonts to have in your collection.

  • If I had to pick just one of these fonts to have, I’d pick Raleway too.

  • I totally agree. There is almost a shortage of square clean fonts like these. So glad I found this post!

  • I am surely, try this font design on my banner!! i make lots of banner and on my blog.. and these fonts enhance my creativity !!!

  • They are all very nice. My favorites are Champagne & Limousines, LT Oksana & Singula Compressed. ?

  • Again, the first font is great, but I think my favourite is Michroma. Thanks for these.

  • Nice. I hope you’re able to use them in your work because they are great fonts!