Peter Shankman maybe?

Thanks to Web 2.0, you can communicate your business’s personality to the world. You can put a face to your logo, so even clients on the other side of the globe can feel a personal connection with you.

No one does this better than Social Media and PR Guru Peter Shankman. He founded a mailing list (called Help a Reporter Out, or HARO) that connects journalists looking for sources with PR pros, making life easier for everyone.

Perhaps the best part of the thrice-daily HARO emails, however, is Peter’s personal tidbit before the “queries”. He frequently posts links to his personal media profiles, letting the HARO crowd know about his adventures traveling around the country.

And if you want your business to be competitive in the next generation of the internet, you had better have a strong presence in these 3 crucial areas, just like Peter:


There’s a lot of buzz going around concerning the sudden use of social networking sites such as Twitter, Youtube, and Facebook to reach their constituents.

The House itself has rules about what platforms it’s members are permitted to discuss and post information on. One of the biggest players behind this cause is Texas Republican Representative, John Colberson.

So how beneficial to the cause of Congress are web utilities such as Twitter? In a time where a majority of the news is gathered on the Internet, this could be a powerful tool for members of Congress.

Not only can they provide their audience with information in record time, but the 140 character limit on “tweets” forces them to be short and to the point, putting the information in a language everyone can understand.

I’d imagine it would be pretty difficult to hold up a filibuster within 140 characters.