Headlines – Balancing Google and Accessibility

This past week Xander and I got into a fairly heated debate regarding the use of headlines in sections of a page other than the main content (i.e. Sidebars, Footers, etc.).


We each came at the problem from a different angle, but soon found that we were searching for the same end-goal. This meant it was time to put the baseball bats and brass knuckles away and come up with a solution. We knew what we wanted our pages to accomplish:

  • Full accessibility to all users
  • Easily indexable content for Google
  • Meaningful, semantic mark-up

My Sojourn into the Depths of IRS.GOV

I was cursed at the worst possible time with the scourge of the unusable website.


For anyone who doesn’t know, Jakob Nielsen’s useit.com is waging war on unusable websites.

He’s the expert on web usability. He’s been writing “Alertboxes” on the subject since before the word weblog was invented.

But beware: his stuff is a blessing and a curse.  It’s a blessing because your websites will be usable.  It’s a curse because you will become INFURIATED at websites that aren’t.