The internet is already super-good at pointing you towards information you’re looking for. That’s why around 90% of all web users visit Youtube, Google, Yahoo or MSN on a daily basis.

But the next generation of online information gathering is recommendation.

That is, advanced websites and programs designed to serve you content that you don’t know you want.

No two sites do this better than Stumbleupon and Pandora.

Photo thanks to cw3283.

Great blogging is hard.

You have to be pretty knowledgeable about your topic, write really well, and make your blog posts look great too. On top of that, you’ve got to read, comment, and converse daily with your online peers to get into your niche.

Rough life right?

To give you some relief, here’s the stuff that’s made my blogging addiction a little more manageable. Enjoy!

More Search Options (Not Just Google)

Free Images