The Top 5 Awful Site Designs That Amuse the WebpageFX Office

Terrible Site Design

Every once in awhile a really awful site design comes along and makes you laugh, cry, or want to punch your monitor.

You find these sites quite often when you work at a web developer. We share them amongst ourselves and share a laugh.

Here’s a list of the top 5 worst website designs we’ve seen, in order from bad to worst.

My Sojourn into the Depths of IRS.GOV

I was cursed at the worst possible time with the scourge of the unusable website.


For anyone who doesn’t know, Jakob Nielsen’s is waging war on unusable websites.

He’s the expert on web usability. He’s been writing “Alertboxes” on the subject since before the word weblog was invented.

But beware: his stuff is a blessing and a curse.  It’s a blessing because your websites will be usable.  It’s a curse because you will become INFURIATED at websites that aren’t.

Extra! Extra! Our Blog Looks Like a Newspaper!

post-imageAs I mature as a designer I’m seeing more and more the great importance of doing some research before jumping into a design. A classic example of this is our very own blog (yes, the one you’re reading right now!).

The planning that went into creating this blog was probably a lot more than one would expect. Xander and I sat down one fateful sunny afternoon (we won’t discuss how cold it was outside) and discussed what we wanted to accomplish with the blog, who our target was, how we would reach them and still push the envelope for inspirational creativity.

We boiled it down to two options: we could focus on just utilizing our blog to gather links and boost internet presence, or we could create a design that would mix the blogging world with traditional newspapers. The latter built a better argument. A large number of our clients (consequently also our target market) aren’t you’re typical “Blog Readers”, so our angle would be to try and bridge the gap between something they were comfortable with: reading a morning paper over some hot java, and something we were comfortable with: pining over blog posts looking for the latest tips and tricks.