How to Get More Website Leads without More Traffic


Stop trying to get more traffic and start converting the traffic you already have.

That might sound weird coming from an internet marketer, but hear me out.

5 years ago the easiest way to increase leads from your website was to get more traffic. This meant search engine optimize, buy cheap clicks on PPC ads, or even buy some banner ads.

Clicks were cheap or free, so why not buy more?

Nowadays clicks are expensive. Sometimes REALLY expensive. If your website already has a steady traffic flow, the smart thing to do is to analyze what those visitors are doing on your site and adjust to give them what they want.

My Sojourn into the Depths of IRS.GOV

I was cursed at the worst possible time with the scourge of the unusable website.


For anyone who doesn’t know, Jakob Nielsen’s is waging war on unusable websites.

He’s the expert on web usability. He’s been writing “Alertboxes” on the subject since before the word weblog was invented.

But beware: his stuff is a blessing and a curse.  It’s a blessing because your websites will be usable.  It’s a curse because you will become INFURIATED at websites that aren’t.

The SEO Rapper Raps about Conversions

We’ve been doing a lot of conversion optimization lately and getting our clients a ton of new leads from their websites.

Lots of people overlook what happens after the visitor comes to a site and focus instead on driving more traffic to drive more sales.

Why not make better use of the traffic you already have? After all, it’s the GREEN thing to do!

Nobody explains conversion optimization better or in a more entertaining way than the SEO rapper, Poetic Prophet.


Are you making efficient use of your traffic?