How to Use UTM Tracking to Improve Your Marketing Campaigns

Today, the different kinds of marketing you can adopt for your business are endless. Though many companies have turned to digital marketing, some still use traditional marketing strategies like billboards, coupons, and flyers.

With digital marketing, you can easily track the success of each campaign, since everything is done online. However, how do you track the success of more conventional marketing techniques like billboards and print ads?

7 Tips for Repairing Your Company’s Online Reputation

Did you know that 25% of a company’s market value comes directly from its reputation?

No matter your industry or size of your company, your reputation is important, and it plays a key role in the long-term success of your organization. Since anyone can publish anything online, it’s extremely important to consistently manage your online reputation.

So what should you do if your business suddenly experiences an uptick in negative reviews, faces a social media crisis, or worse?

In this post, we’ll take a look at seven strategies your company can use to repair your online reputation.

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9 Ways to Improve Search Engine Optimization

Want to boost your site’s rankings in search results for keywords and phrases related to your business? Of course you do!

Ranking higher in search results can help you reach more customers and earn more revenue online. So how can you improve your search engine optimization (SEO) strategy to achieve top rankings?

In this post, I’ll go over nine strategies you can use today to boost your presence in search results.

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3 Ways to Add Reviews to Your Website Using HTML and WordPress

3 Ways to Add Reviews to Your Website Using HTML and WordPress

When deciding between two different companies for a specific product or service, a review from another customer make the difference a user choosing one of your competitors or becoming a loyal customer.
If you doubt that reviews can make such a difference, think of the last time you decided on a restaurant, what brand vacuum to purchase, or which plumber to hire. Chances are you searched for them online, and at least part of your decision was based on what other people had to say about each option you were considering.

How to Do Local SEO

Local SEO is one of the most effective ways to reach customers online and increase traffic to both your website and physical location.

Local SEO is important if Google Maps listings dominate the first page of results when you search for your keywords or phrases. This is especially crucial if your competitors appear at the top of Google listings.

When someone searches for a local business, Google shows a variety of nearby businesses that are selected based on local SEO. So, if you aren’t investing in local SEO, then it’s unlikely Google will show your business in results for local searches.

You should also consider local SEO if you’re a business that strictly or primarily sells locally.

As attracting online attention becomes increasingly competitive, new digital marketing strategies are constantly developing. And while it would be futile to attempt to use every new trend, businesses can benefit from staying up-to-date on new strategies and considering how they can play a role in their marketing efforts.

One of the fastest-growing marketing mediums this year is video, and for good reason – it’s effective for reaching and engaging audiences. And while many B2C companies have already started incorporating video into their digital strategies, those in B2B industries have been slower to adopt.

Fortunately, as a B2B company, this means you still have the opportunity to start using videos before your competitors. That’s why in this post, I’ll go over a few key reasons you should consider making video part of your marketing strategy, and a few tips for using YouTube to reach potential clients.