How to Contact Google Support, Sorted by Service

For such a large company, Google is notoriously difficult to contact. Where most companies would list a big phone number and contact form, Google’s “Contact us” page sports a plethora of options, drop-down menus, and links to other pages, which can make it difficult to figure out how to contact Google.

As an Internet marketing company, we work with Google fairly frequently, to the point that we’ve managed to become familiar with their myriad of confusing contact preferences. Rather than keep these secrets to ourselves, we thought it might be nice to share them with you. Hopefully this will make your life a little easier the next time you want to get in touch with a real person at Google!

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How to use this list

Contact information is sorted by service (ex. AdWords, Gmail, Google+). Click the links below to jump to each section, or simply scroll down the list to view all the available contact options.

The contact options available vary per service. All contact form and email links open in a new window.

How to Contact Google Customer Service for General Support

Unfortunately, there is only one option for contacting Google with general questions or concerns:

  • By phone: (650) 253-0000. This is Google’s catch-all phone number. Before calling, you may want to explore other options: the GetHuman page on this number shows reports of long waits and trouble resolving issues with reps.

At this time, Google does not have a catch-all email address or form, so you can’t contact Google support via email.

Google Customer Service Phone Number

An exact Google customer service phone number doesn’t actually exist. Instead, you have to use the phone number above.

  • By phone: (650) 253-0000. Again, you’ll probably have to wait a while to get through to someone, and you may not even have your issue resolved. You’re probably better off looking elsewhere.

If you’re dead-set on talking to someone who works for Google, this is the best way to get in contact with them. It’s not an exact Google customer service number, but it can do the same job!

How to Contact Gmail Support

As a free Google product, there is no phone number or email address where users can contact support to resolve all complaints. However, Google does have specific forms available for common problems with Gmail, as well as an official support forum.

  • Official Help Forum: Visit the Gmail Product forum here. Use your Google account to log in. After logging in, you can post or answer questions about Gmail.
  • How to contact Google about Gmail problems or bugs: Use this form. You will only be contacted by Google if more information is required.
  • To report a Gmail user (for harassment or impersonation): Use this form. You will only be contacted by Google if more information is required.
  • To report a compromised Gmail account: Use this form. You will be asked if you still have access to your account. You will be contacted by Google after the investigation is complete.

These Gmail help contacts are essential if you run into trouble with your account. You may not be able to talk to a person over the phone, but you can still get the help you need.

How to Contact YouTube Support

YouTube, which became a Google product in 2006, has support options mostly for users who want to report copyright and trademark infringements, flag inappropriate video content, and express privacy concerns. However, there are still other ways to reach them if you have a different question or concern.

  • By phone: (650) 253-0000. This is Google’s catch-all phone number and can also be used for YouTube inquires.
  • By phone, for advertising support: (855) 500-2756. You will need an AdWords account to use YouTube advertising.
  • To report a trademark violation or copyright infringement: Use this form. This form will walk you through selecting the best option to file a complaint based on the nature of the offending content.
  • To report a violation of privacy: Follow this process.

Contacting YouTube is a little difficult — in fact, that’s how Google wants it to be. Most of the day-to-day maintenance is handled by automated systems, but you can still reach someone through forms.

How to Contact Google+ Support

If you thought getting in touch with someone at Facebook was difficult, Google+ takes the challenge of talking to someone about your social media profile to another level entirely.

Fortunately, what Google+ does have is a community of users who are willing to pitch in and help, as well as a feedback system that allows you to automatically send screenshots (neat!).

  • By phone: (650) 253-0000. This is Google’s catch-all phone number and can also be used for Google+ inquiries.
  • To send feedback: Follow this process. The gray “Feedback” option on every page will allow you to report issues or suggest ideas to Google.
  • To report spam or inappropriate content: Follow this process. Look at posts for the “flag” icon to report them to Google+ for manual review.
  • Official Google+ Help Community: Visit the community here. Log in using your Google+ account. Questions you post can be answered by other community members:


  • Unofficial Google+ Help Community: The Google+ for Small Business Group was suggested as another resource for anyone who has questions about Google+ for business purposes. Questions are often answered quickly by the group’s team of dedicated volunteers. (Thanks for the tip, Joan!)

AdWords Support Contact Information

AdWords, Google’s pay-per-click advertising program, has a fairly good support system — perhaps because it’s a paid option, unlike most of the others in this list. If you’re having trouble with your AdWords account, there are several options that allow you to speak to a Google employee in real time, including video chat.



Google Analytics Support Contact Information and Resources

As a free product, Google does not provide phone or email support for Google Analytics. However, it does provide and maintain an official support forum, where both users, experts, and Google employees can discuss and solve problems or answer questions.

Webmaster Tools Contact Information and Resources

Like Google Analytics, Google does not provide phone or email support for its free Webmaster Tools platform. If you’re a webmaster, you’ll need to rely on Google’s Webmaster Tools Help resource pages, the official forum, or information on other sites, to navigate the rough and stormy seas of SEO and Webmaster Tools.

Google Drive Support

Again, as a free resource, Google does not provide phone or email support for Google Drive, Google Docs, Google Sheets, or any other related Drive programs. However, there are several online help pages and a support forum designed to help users troubleshoot and resolve any issues that may arise.

Google Apps for Work Contact Information and Resources

This one can be tricky, as the support request must come from an administrator account. For those with administrator accounts, Google offers 24/7 phone, email, and chat support. This is inclusive of the governmental, nonprofit, and educational editions of Google Apps as well.

Google promises solutions as long as you’re inquiring about an issue related to one of the Google Apps core services (Gmail, Calendar, Groups, Talk/Hangouts, Drive, Sites, Contacts, Apps Vault, and Classroom).

  • By phone: 1-877-355-5787 for U.S. based calls and 1-646-257-4500 for worldwide callers. Google asks that you have your support pin ready when calling.
  • Online: A support contact form is available, but the link will only work if you’re signed into an administrator account.
  • To report an outage: Outages should be reported through phone or online, and may include requests for Service Credits and/or specific incident reports.

As a catch-all, Google does provide certain “support resource templates” that instruct you on what information to prepare prior to contacting Google for assistance.

There is also a Google Apps for Work Help Forum, where you can seek assistance from Google employees as well as other users.


Take note that Google “prioritizes cases based on the severity and business impact of the issue,” which means you may be stuck patiently waiting if your issue is not deemed “of critical impact.”

Google Press & Media Inquiries Contact Information

Need to speak to Google about a story or news piece? Here’s their contact information for press inquiries, including a direct email address (!).

Miscellaneous Google Contact Information

  • To report a problem with a website (such as malware, spam, or phishing): Use this page. To report a site that is violating Google’s quality guidelines, you will need both the URL and the search query used to locate the site.
  • To remove information from Google search results: Use this page.
  • To request someone from Google as a speaker for your event: Use this contact form. You should contact Google more than one month, but no more than six months, in advance of your event. You should also be prepared to name the specific Google representative you would like to speak, as well as a backup option in case he or she cannot make it.
  • If you’re a nonprofit and need help with Google: Check out this support page. This page has resources and links to several help and support options specifically for nonprofit organizations.
  • If you need to contact Google outside the US: Here’s the full list of worldwide locations.
  • Lastly, if you want to send Google a fax: It’s old-fashioned, but here you go: (650) 253-0001.

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Please contact Google itself with any questions, comments, or complaints related to these issues.

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