Photos of our new office

We’re still putting some finishing touches together, but we couldn’t wait any longer to show you guys some photos of our new office space. We’ve spent the past couple of months scrubbing, painting, building and cleaning and we’re pretty proud of the space we’ve created.

The new office has two main sections: a ‘phone room’ for our project managers, SEO specialists and other members of our team who are on the phone frequently and a more open ‘stage’ area for the rest of our staff including designers and programmers. We’ve also got plenty of whiteboards, couches and tables for collaboration.

Thanks to The Patriot-News for taking some of these shots to accompany a recent article about WebpageFX.








  • Laura

    Looks great! Will you be offering tours at our next Meet Up?

  • Chris Drinkut

    I saw your write-up in the Patriot, very cool! The space looks great. Congrats!

  • Saurav

    Looks great guys :o)

  • David

    You’ll do a lot of good work in that nice office!

  • dreamdezign

    Hi looking great i came across some of your other post interesting

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