Is Your Website Repelling Potential Customers?

Is Your Website Repelling Potential Customers?

Colors. Graphics. Original content.

These are all elements that work together to make your website interesting to potential customers. Unfortunately, you can’t just throw together a website with your two favorite colors, throw a graphic somewhere on the page and call it a day. There is research to prove that the appearance of your website has everything to do with conversions.

So is your website repelling your potential customers?

Ask yourself these few questions to find out!

Which A/B Testing Tool Should You Use?

When visitors arrive on your company’s website, you want them to take action. Depending on your business, that “action” may be many different things, from filling out a contact form to making a purchase.

Regardless, you should improve your site to make converting as easy as possible for your visitors. The best way to do this is with conversion rate optimization.

One of the simplest ways to optimize a site is with A/B testing, or by creating two versions of the same element and showing them to real visitors to see which performs better. As you run these tests on different parts of your site, you’ll be able to optimize each page for a higher conversion rate.

Before you get started, though, you’ll need to select a tool to help you set up, monitor, and review your tests. There are many available online, but the following four are our top picks at WebpageFX.

10 Inspiring “Contact Us” Pages

Your company’s website serves many purposes, like explaining your services, highlighting your successes, and building your brand. But most important of all, it helps visitors become customers.

But in many cases, those visitors need to get in touch with you before making a purchase. And for that to happen, you’ll need a compelling “Contact Us” page.

Creating a page that’s simple enough for visitors to finish, but thorough enough to get the information you need can be a challenge. These 10 examples will provide some inspiration for your company’s site.

Drupal vs Magento: Which is Right for Your Ecommerce Business?

As the owner of an ecommerce store, you have many major decisions to make that directly impact your company. What products will you carry? How will you determine your pricing? What shipping services will you use? All these and more are questions you need to answer before launching your site.

But before you begin the process of designing your store – or selecting a web design agency to take on the project – you have to determine which content management system, or CMS, you want to use. And in when it comes to ecommerce, there are two major names to choose between: Drupal and Magento.

In this post, I’ll discuss everything you need to know about Drupal and Magento so you can pick the right CMS for your site.

Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing Fonts [Infographic]

No matter who you are, there will likely come a time in your life when you need to choose a font or two. There are plenty of templates online for flyers, invitations, and virtually everything else you may want to create, but the fonts you choose can mean the difference between a final product that looks professional, and one that looks like it was made by a 4-year-old.

However, not all of us have a ton of experience (or any experience at all, for that matter) with graphic design, and it can be hard to pick fonts that convey the feeling and message that you want. And while a lot of the decision is subjective, these common mistakes can ruin your message, your aesthetics, and your chances of being taken seriously:

How Personalized Landing Pages Can Make Your Site More Profitable

Personalization is one of the most effective marketing techniques to connect with customers online. While the exact methods are different for every business, adding personalized elements to landing pages is a proven method of driving conversions on your site.

But why is it so successful? The simple answer is that personalization shows customers that you care. You traveled the extra mile to tell John Smith of Generictown, Statename that you hope he’s doing well — that speaks volumes to your consideration as a company.

While personalization previously existed in emails, messages, and sales pitches, many businesses are successfully incorporating it into a wider variety of their marketing materials.  You can now personalize almost any aspect of your marketing strategy — but one of the most profitable is the landing pages on your site.