A Complete Guide for Calculating Website ROI for B2B Businesses

A Complete Guide for Calculating Website ROI for B2B Businesses

Calculating ROI can seem like an extremely overwhelming task, especially for lead generation B2B businesses. Below is a step-by-step guide I’ve compiled for how I determine ROI for my B2B clients. It will take time on your part, but it is absolutely worth it in the long run to determine what is working best for your company!

Inbounders: John Tibbs - Singer/Songwriter

Inbounders: John Tibbs – Singer/Songwriter

Inbounders is a series profiling people and companies who are accomplishing great things through inbound marketing. We’ll chat about strategies, vision, tools, tips and more.

John Tibbs is a full-time singer/songwriter from Indianapolis, Indiana. He has traveled the world playing music, gave away an album for free and recently launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund a new EP in the fall.

Data-driven intuition: How to use numbers to make better marketing decisions

Data-driven intuition: How to use numbers to make better marketing decisions

Everyday questions are easy to answer:

  • “Will I like those shoes?”
  • “Will that be a good dinner?”
  • “When should I start getting ready to go out?”

We have tons of experience that has informed our answers to questions like these. We get a feeling one way or another, immediately. Yes, I will like those new Nike basketball shoes, no I will not like liver and onions, and I should start getting ready about 20 minutes before we leave.

We rely so much on this feeling-intuition that we use it in business decisions. What should the new website look like? How many people can I hire this year? Should we have a face on our billboard? Easy questions to answer quickly, right? You probably have a feeling on which way you’d lean on each one.

26 inspiring presentations on growing your business online

26 inspiring presentations on growing your business online

Slideshow presentations have been around ever since the guy in front of the audience held up the audience response cards with the words “Clap, Laugh, or Boo” on them. Even then, they were used to send information to a crowd in hopes that they would respond. Slideshows still have the same effect on an audience, but they came a long way with the inventions of platforms such as PowerPoint and Prezi and are becoming a wonderful source of information.

We have compiled a list of the best presentations on growing a business online. Topics range from design/development to leadership to productivity. We focused on topics that are crucial to run a successful business on the web. Reading through these presentations will not only help you become a better presenter, but will give you actionable tips to do better business online.

Videos: Spring 2013 Central PA SEO & Internet Marketing Meetup

Last week we hosted the latest Central PA SEO & Internet Marketing Meetup (4/10/13) and heard from two awesome Internet Marketers, with over 25 marketers from the central PA area in attendance. The topics were “10 Tips to Grow Your Local Business,” presented by Benn Trasatt, and “Conversion Tips to Grow Your Online Customer Base,” presented by Katie Kelly.

If you weren’t able to attend, or just want to see the presentations again, check out the videos below for both presentations. We hope to see you next time for some beer, pizza, and great internet marketing strategies!


10 Tips to Grow Your Local Business


Conversion Tips to Grow Your Online Customer Base

What Makes E-commerce Sites Trustworthy?

A flashy design, lightening-speed page load time, and excellent usability are all great elements of a successful e-commerce site. But there’s something more basic that a website needs to have in order for you to get sales from your e-commerce store:

Trust (n.): Assured reliance on the character, ability, strength, or truth of someone or something.

If your e-commerce site lacks trustworthiness, consumers aren’t even going to stick around long enough to appreciate the other great attributes your site has – they’re going to leave immediately.