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Your website is your primary Internet marketing tool. If you choose the right company for your search engine optimization (or SEO), your Virginia-based business will have a leg up on the competition in ways you may not even imagine.

To harness the power of SEO, VA companies need to know how their site is being used by potential and current customers. You need hard, statistical information to validate your SEO strategies. You need to know what is working and what can be done better. That's where we come in.

Based on the East Coast, WebpageFX is a leading provider of SEO services to Virginia companies just like yours. We have years of experience helping businesses improve their online presences to reach more people, drive more conversions, and improve website authority and presence. We've helped lots of clients in your area achieve their online goals, and we're sure we can help your business with SEO in Virginia as well.

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Metric-Based SEO Services

An essential key in knowing your website’s performance is the statistical analysis of your website traffic. These individual measurements are called website metrics, and they're critical to Virginia SEO. These metrics cover virtually every aspect of your website, and they're essential to any online marketing strategy.

Tracking your website’s visitors is not enough. Analyzing the website marketing statistics provided by website tracking tools to understand the holes in your Virginia SEO campaign is what makes tracking visitors worth your time. Depending on your unique goals and strategies, we can tweak a Virginia search engine optimization campaign to accommodate your plans for business growth.

By knowing the specifics of your site’s visitors, you can tailor your SEO to Virginia customers, giving you the power to best serve your target audience. WebpageFX gives you a clear, information-packed report that you can easily use to gauge your website’s success.

Your website marketing statistics are provided to you in the form of spreadsheets and graphs so you can quickly visualize where improvements can be made to your SEO plans to increase your site’s traffic or target your potential customers more cost-effectively. WebpageFX reviews this data and streamlines it into a useful Internet marketing report, tailored to your SEO plan.

WebpageFX's analytics provides you with specific website marketing statistics on your site’s visitors, strengthening your search engine optimization in Virginia. By tracking visitors, you know how well your site is capturing your target audience. It answers the questions you have and the questions you never thought to ask, such as:

  • Who and how many visited your website?
  • What percentage came through search-engines? What combination of keywords and search engines led them to the site? Which pages did they visit and in what sequence? Where did they go?
  • Does the navigation in your website need improvement? Is it too complicated to conclude a sale?
  • What percentage of the visitors purchased your product or service?
  • Which geographical location constitutes your highest-spending consumer group?

Not only does the report illustrate how your site is performing now, it also shows you how well it could be performing if cost-effective adjustments were made to your SEO strategies.

Some of Our Successes:

Details Increased Website Traffic by
+ 95%
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Details Increased Conversion Rate by
+ 37%
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Details Decreased Bounce Rate by
- 60%
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More Than SEO: We're a Leading Website Design Company

Looking for a Virginia web design company? Look no further. As a full-service Internet marketing company, WebpageFX offers website design services that go beyond cookie-cutter or basic. We design innovative, world-class websites for VA businesses from the ground up. Whether you need an ecommerce website to reach millions of visitors or an elegant online presence to direct local visitors to your local office, we can help.

Our Virginia web design and SEO services are tightly integrated. We design new websites, or complete redesigns, with SEO in mind. We create sites that load quickly, include important and relevant keywords, and are designed to increase conversions. They also look beautiful, clean, and modern.

The WebpageFX Difference

WebpageFX is a full-service Internet marketing company, meaning no matter what kind of website services your Virginia business needs, we can help. Whether you're searching for a website redesign, social media management, or copywriting services, we can do it all for you... no matter what your budget or timeline.

When you choose us as your marketing services provider, you get a dedicated project manager who will make sure your requests and projects are handled in a timely manner. You'll also get the expertise of an Internet marketer who can advise you on SEO, PPC, marketing, or anything else you may need help with. We won't simply design your site and throw you to the wolves afterwards — we're in it for a long-term relationship, so we'll be with you long after your site is finished.

When you're looking for a Virginia web design company, don't just choose the first firm you find. Choose WebpageFX for reliable service backed by years of experience, expertise, and proven results for SEO in Virginia.

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