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Do you know that today as many as 450 million Internet users worldwide perform up to 11 billion searches per month? The Internet is the ultimate advertising tool for any company in New Jersey to promote their business. Today most businesses acknowledge the significance of top rankings in results pages of Internet search engines. And these results are shown when users perform searches for specific keywords or phrases.

As part of our special New Jersey Internet marketing and search engine optimization strategies, we assist our clients with improving search engine rankings. In the business climate today, you won’t succeed online unless you have the traffic and conversions you need on your site, the gateway to your products and services. With that in mind, Internet marketing in New Jersey is more difficult than just using a bunch of keywords.

You need to have a fully optimized website tailor-made to improve your rankings with top search engines. The rule is as simple as this: more traffic results in more business. However, it is not a simple process to achieve increased site traffic. You need to contact the very best NJ Internet marketing companies armed with the proper tools and expertise. WebpageFX can help your business discover a wider market for your product or service.

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How does WebpageFX increase profit for companies in New Jersey? Internet Marketing.

1. Identify Your Competition

To identify your competitors, we research your industry and competition. Our first step in this process is to select keywords that Internet users will use in order to locate your products/services online. Once the keywords are selected, we conduct a comprehensive search for each keyword on multiple search engines. We then organize a list of the top five websites that appear after conducting each search. These websites will be your site’s top competitors for online marketing in New Jersey.

If your company is local in nature, the competition will most likely be located in New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, or Delaware. But if you sell to the world, your competition could be anyone, anywhere. Either way, Internet marketing in NJ can help you get a leg up on your competition so you can increase your site's traffic as your business grows.

2. Identify Internet Marketing Key Phrases

Identifying key phrases is a critical step to uncovering how users are locating your site through a search engine query. It is important to know the most effective key phrases that work for your website and your industry.

Another New Jersey Internet marketing tip we can offer you is to use different patterns for key phrases throughout your site and different titles for all of the major pages in your site. It is also important to submit each individual URL so that you can get all of the different keywords and titles added to the search engines.

3. Rank Key Phrases Based on Search Frequency and Key Phrase Competition

Your list of key phrases will contain hundreds of words. Even if your target audience is strictly [new jersey Internet marketing], there are many variants that need to be taken into account, like "NJ Internet marketing," "New Jersey Internet marketing," "search engine optimization new jersey" etc.

The phrases in your list will need to be sorted in descending order of importance. It’s also a good measure to ensure that if one of your keywords needs to be clarified you add any necessary descriptive words. WebpageFX can help you determine the best way to list your key phrases, as well as validate the popularity of each phrase that you will be using as a search term.

4. Optimize Meta Tags using the Highest Ranking Key Phrases

Next, WebpageFX will take the key phrases ranked highest on your list and add them to the Meta tags on the appropriate pages within your site. Listing your key phrases in your Meta tags will help your pages become more available to users and help your rankings in some search engines.

Websites that include key phrases in the Meta title and Meta description tags also have a higher click-through-rate than those that do not. For example, users searching for [New Jersey Internet marketing] will be more likely to click on a page with "New Jersey Internet Marketing" in the title, and a description that includes the search terms as well. Like the meta description for this page: "Learn all you need to know about New Jersey Internet marketing from a premiere web designer: WebpageFX."

Keep in mind that not all search engines base their rankings solely on the key phrases listed in your meta tags. Some search engines extract key phrases from the content that you have on the page itself.

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5. Add SEO Key Phrases to the Written Content

It is extremely important you include your keywords throughout the body section of your website. The body should contain at least 400 words of content that are relevant to the page itself, and the content must be grammatically correct. WebpageFX can help you write the content of your website and also ensure your keywords appear as the most common phrases used throughout the page.

6. Submit Website to Search Engines

Once your site is populated with key phrases in Meta tags and throughout the content, and you are satisfied with it, the next step in the Internet marketing process is to submit your site to major search engines. After WebpageFX submits your pages using a sitemap.xml feed, you must allow two to four weeks for each submission to be indexed in the search engine.

7. Get Links from Related Websites

Links are an important factor when it comes to Internet marketing, in New Jersey and the world. You will need many links from quality websites that contain content that is supplemental to your own site. The links should be contained within the body text of your site and contain your keywords in the anchor text. Obtaining links will provide more ways for users to find your website through other websites, as well as help to promote your search engine ranking.

8. Check Placement in the Major Search Engines

It is important to monitor your website's placement on search engines because changes occur on a regular basis. If we notice that your website's ranking is dropping in search engines, WebpageFX Internet marketerswill find out why and fix the problem in order to help you rise back to the top.

9. Monitor Website Statistics, Trends and Metrics

WebpageFX can provide you with the right tools to convert data obtained about your site into intellectual information that is valuable to you. Based on the reports our tools generate, we can monitor how well your website is doing in searches on different search engines and make any necessary adjustments to fix any potential problems.

It may be that you are not ranking for "New Jersey widgets," but are in the first position for "NJ widgets." Our Internet marketing team will go through your site and make the necessary adjustments to bring your ranking back.

10. Maintain Your Rankings

This is a continuous cycle! As things change daily, you are always capable of losing your high-ranking once you have achieved it. To stay on the top, you must constantly repeat this search engine optimization and Internet marketing process.

Remember, true optimization of your site will only happen when the website’s functionality and structure are utilized for both the common Internet user and the complex search engine crawlers that determine how many people visit each website.

Currently, there are hundreds of millions of results for "New Jersey" searches on Google, meaning you have cut-throat competition no matter your industry. To achieve consistent broad marketing exposure, you need dynamic Internet marketing for your New Jersey business.

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Located in Harrisburg, PA, WebpageFX is only a few hours from the New Jersey border. That means we can talk, meet, and interact with you at virtually any time throughout the work week. Whether you want to check out our offices in person or sit down to hash out an Internet marketing strategy for your New Jersey business, we're here for you.

When you partner with us, you get to work with our team of talented and award-winning Internet marketers, designers, deveopers, and copywriters who will all work to make your website the best it can be. Better yet, we can tailor an Internet marketing plan to your specific business so you don't get a generic, cookie-cutter solution like you might find from other New Jersey SEO firms. We'll build or redesign your website from the ground up with unique code and layouts to make sure when customers see your site, they remember it's distinctly yours.

Still not convinced? Check out our extensive portfolio that includes award-winning website designs. You can also find out what our clients say about working with us and what we've done for their businesses. You can even use our project quote calculator for a free, no-obligation estimate on the cost of your Internet marketing strategy.

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