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Google Plus Widget

Looking to integrate your website with Google's social network, Google+? Then look no further!

The Google Plus widget is an easy-to-use plugin that adds a Google+ profile badge anywhere on your Wordpress blog or Joomla website. This simple extension links to your Google+ profile and shows your users the number of followers in your circle as well as allowing them to add you to their Google+ circle.

The configuration settings are easy to use as well. Simply give your Google Plus extension a title along with your Google+ ID, hit save and you're done! You can customize the look and feel of the Google Plus Widget even further and optional include a Google +1 button and posts from your Google+ account.

Download and install this Google Plus plugin and in just seconds you'll be connected with other Google+ members!

To download a Google Plus widget for Wordpress click here. Then follow the below installation instructions:

  • Login to your WordPress site
  • Go to "Plugins -> Add New"
  • Click on the "Upload" link
  • Browse to where you downloaded the Google Plus Widget zip file and then click "Install Now"
  • Depending on your WordPress site configurations you may need to provide your FTP server credentials
  • Once the install has completed, Activate the plugin
  • Go to "Appearance -> Widgets"
  • Find the Google Plus Widget in your list of available widgets and drag it to where you would like it to appear on your site (NOTE: Google Plus Widget may be listed as "GoogleCard")
  • Provide a title for the plugin and your Google Plus ID, the click the "Save" button

To download a Google follow widget for Joomla click here. Then follow the below installation instructions:

  • Login to your Joomla site
  • Go to Extensions -> Install/Uninstall
  • Browse to the location where you saved the Google Plus Widget module by using the Browse button associated with the "Upload Package File" section
  • After install, go to Extensions -> Module Manager and look for "Google Plus widget" in the list of available modules and simply enable it
  • Edit the module and replace the Google Plus ID with your own and customize any of the layout settings to your desire