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Increased traffic is not enough. Having your site visitors perform a desired action once they land on your pages is the driving force of increased revenue. WebpageFX understands that maximizing client conversions is fundamental to the success of your Internet marketing campaign. A website conversion analysis by WebpageFX provides:

  • Analysis of webpage usability, conversion, copy and aesthetics to determine potential areas of concern
  • A team of qualified Internet marketers working together to analyze current conversion rates and data in order to make informed decisions and recommendations
  • Actionable steps, based on findings, that you can implement in order to take advantage of the conversion potential of your traffic

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What is Website Conversion Analysis?

Every website on the internet has one specific goal. An industrial website generates leads, an ecommerce store sells products, a blog converts visitors to subscribers.

Unfortunately, most websites and internet marketing campaigns ignore conversions completely. Success is measured in terms of traffic and rankings, not conversions.

Many businesses demand accountability for the appearance of their "store" (a website) and the amount of traffic coming through the door, but overlook the main purpose of their site altogether: getting more sales. That's why conversion rate optimization, or CRO, has become so important: it gives businesses the power to identify what isn't working, why, and how they should fix it.

WebpageFX recognizes that maximizing client conversions is paramount to the success of any internet marketing campaign. That's why we offer a wide variety of website conversion analysis services. See the chart below for our CRO pricing, and to learn more about the individual testing and analysis services we offer on either a quarterly or monthly basis.

Conversion Analysis Pricing

Market Leader
Features Basic Aggressive Plan Market Leader
CRO, project management & reporting time allocation 6 hours per quarter 4 hours per month 9 hours per month
ROI & split test reporting Quarterly Monthly Monthly
Conversion tracking code setup
Online project management scheduling
Creative design for A/B testing
Dedicated CRO expert
Market research
Heat maps and click stream analysis
Conversion strategy
Conversion best practices documentation
Static calls to action design
Lead form setup/modifications
Navigational modifications
Multivariate design elements
Website coding
Multivariate conversion testing
USP and headline copywriting
User testing
Setup of auto responders  
Confirmation/thank you page
Online customer surveys  
Incoming traffic analysis    
Incoming traffic reporting and recommendations
Flash/jQuery interactive calls to action
Conversion path implementation
Shopping cart abandonment testing  
Lead forms integrated into CRM (ex.  
Performance test reporting
Conversion reporting
Call tracking Additional $200 Additional $200
LeadManagerFX setup & included
CRO costs $750 per quarter $500 per month $1,000 per month
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Our website conversion analysis service is always successful. That's because this plan includes landing page designers, website funnel analysis experts, PPC managers, website copywriters, and search engine optimizers. These experienced and knowledgeable experts work together to analyze and take advantage of the conversion potential of your traffic.

While our website conversion analysis service is enjoyed by clients throughout Pennsylvania, clients across the country have reaped the benefits of our expertise. From New Jersey and New York to Florida and California, companies across the US are seeing 100% boosts in their website conversion rates when they choose WebpageFX as their online marketing partner.

Read customer case studies to learn about the potential of conversion rate optimization.

Some of Our Successes:

Details Increased Website Traffic by
+ 95%
Details Increased Conversion Rate by
+ 37%
Details Decreased Bounce Rate by
- 29%
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WebpageFX's conversion analysis pricing plans involves the following important procedures and areas of analysis:

Usability Conversion Analysis

Confusion is the number one reason people leave websites. If your site does not follow web standards or has a difficult-to-use interface, many visitors will become frustrated and leave.

A solid and usable website redesign can boost conversions from qualified visitors without making any modifications to internet marketing plans.

Internet Marketing Conversion Analysis

Even if your site is extremely easy to navigate, your traffic quality may be too poor to encourage conversions.

Your website should be written and designed for your best possible potential customers, i.e. the visitors most likely to convert. If your internet marketing campaign brings unqualified and poorly-targeted visitors to your site, conversion rates will be very poor as well.

An in-depth analysis of your internet marketing campaign makes ensures you are driving the right visitors to your site.

Conversion Funnel Analysis

Conversion funnels are the paths through your site that visitors follow before converting.

Each page between an entrance page and a conversion page is an opportunity for your visitor to become distracted and leave. If your most popular conversion funnels are too intricate, potential conversions will leave the path and that conversion will be lost.

Conversion funnel analysis ensures willing visitors stay on the right track to conversions.

Website Copy Analysis

All too often website copy is written from the perspective of the business with little to no regard for the reader.

Professionally written website copy provides the information vital to understanding each business’ product or service, while also persuading qualified customers to convert.

A tweak to the tone and content of your website copy can transform interested visitors into conversions.

Aesthetic Analysis

Website visitors expect a uniform and professional look across all pages of a website.

If any departure from the original template is present, a high number of visitors will become uneasy and leave. Abandonment also occurs because of very minor aesthetic issues, such as a broken link or discolored navigation bar.

Ensuring all the pages of your site conform to your brand and no that aesthetic errors are present will increase the time visitors spend on your site, greatly enhancing your opportunities for conversions.

WebpageFX is a leader in the website conversion analysis market. We service companies across the country, offering website conversion analysis in New York and website conversion analysis for Philadelphia markets. But no matter where you are located, we're ready and able to help you analyze your traffic and find ways to boost conversions instantly.

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