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WebpageFX can help you take advantage of the fastest growing segment of software development, mobile applications. Mobile apps can help increase engagement and foster customer loyalty and brand recognition. Work with the team at WebpageFX for your mobile application development project because:

  • We offer cutting-edge research, development and mobile application design to match your unique project requirements
  • We provide quality assurance by industry professionals who ensure your project is done to your complete satisfaction and produces the results you're looking for
  • Our mobile application solutions can be built and tested to function seamlessly across any mobile device

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Mobile Web & Application Development

At WebpageFX, we have a team of knowledgeable developers and creative designers that can implement mobile applications for handheld devices of varying complexity. Our applications for wireless devices range from intricate networking applications to complex mobile-user interfaces. Our solutions are built and tested to function seamlessly between PDA's, Cell Phones, iPhones, Blackberries, and Smart Phones, creating better efficiency and a decrease in costs to your business or promoting your brand online.

Our application development for mobile devices can be applied to many business functions including:

  • Project management
  • Time sheet recording
  • Remote email checking and collaboration
  • Logistics, tracking, and inventory management
  • Sales force automation
  • Field surveys, data entry, and market research
  • Websites built to mobile device standards
  • Quick mobile access to crucial business information for consumers and partners

WebpageFX is a leading design and development company of custom projects for cutting-edge mobile devices. To learn more about our mobile app development pricing, see the chart below:

Mobile App Development Pricing

Features Basic Enhanced
App Design
App Prototyping
App Programming
User Testing
App Markplace Submission & Approval
App Marketing
Investment Starting at $10,000 Starting at $15,000
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Prototyping and Research

If you have a cutting-edge idea for a new mobile device application, WebpageFX can do the research and prototyping for you! Our team at WebpageFX can help reduce any risk in your project and offer you valuable information on the feasibility of your mobile device application project. We can also create a prototype based on your idea to make your concept come to life for potential partners and investors before the commitment to full development is secured.

Some of Our Successes:

Details Increased Website Traffic by
+ 95%
Details Increased Conversion Rate by
+ 37%
Details Decreased Bounce Rate by
- 29%
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Customized Mobile Device Solutions

WebpageFX can help design and develop your visions for a mobile device application tailored specifically to your wants and needs. No matter what stage of the wireless project you are in, we can assist you in making your mobile application work. Whether the project is in its early stages, mid-development, or needs reviewed for quality assurance, WebpageFX will make sure your project is done right and you're completely satisfied with the results.


WebpageFX can ensure that your mobile device application will have the capability to be ported from one handheld platform to another, as well as to web applications or your computer’s desktop. Porting is a useful tool to save your business time and money!

Integration with Existing Applications

Want to integrate your new handheld application with already existing web applications and databases? Need to reach a new audience of on-the-go users? No problem! WebpageFX can design and develop custom mobile device applications to work with your existing website and business tools. This saves you time and increases your market reach to mobile device users. Developing your business tools for mobile devices also enables you to submit and retrieve information from the field in real-time.

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