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Magento Ecommerce: Don’t Play Games with Your Store’s Earning Potential; Use the Best for Best Results

When it comes to the success of your e-commerce store, you don’t want to play around. You want an e-commerce software that can integrate seamlessly into your business, be fully customized to fit your particulars, be at the ready to easily support your growth, and be fully optimized for the highest number of sales.

That’s why you want Magento ecommerce, backed by the leading development and Internet marketing teams of WebpageFX. When it comes to your site’s success, we don’t fool around.

Why Magento Ecommerce is your Answer

Magento ecommerce is the preferred choice of businesses, including the top online names, because it’s feature-rich, easily expandable, and intuitive. There’s no denying it’s the fastest growing e-commerce solution. We prefer Magento ecommerce — and we’ve worked with just about every software imaginable — because it offers unprecedented flexibility.

When it comes to Magento ecommerce, we could bore you with the massive list of features, such as flexible coupons, easy re-orders for account holders, one-page checkouts, full suite of analytics, comprehensive reporting, and intuitive control panel.

But what you really need to know is Magento ecommerce is built with a modular architecture and chocked full of advanced features. Since it’s open-source, Magento ecommerce is backed by a growing network of third-party add-ons to increase its extensive features list. It’s scalable and completely customizable. It’s exactly what you need if you’re looking for an easy-to-use storefront that is just as easy to control from the backend, but can do all you would want it to.

Below is a pricing calculator you can use to develop a basic Magento ecommerce budget. Contact us today online or give us a call at 888.449.3239 to learn more about the almost ridiculous number of features and the scalable potential of today’s most powerful e-commerce software: Magento ecommerce.

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How we Use Magento Ecommerce to Optimize your Site

Work with our Magento ecommerce experts and you’ll get more than an easy-to-run and scalable online store. You’ll get a store that is optimized for success. When it comes to optimizing Magento ecommerce, there are two areas we focus on: optimizing the site for the highest number of sales and optimizing the site so it gets listed most often in first-page search results.

You’ll Get a Magento Ecommerce Solution that Designed Around the Psychology of the Sale

Selling online involves quite a bit of psychology. Our conversion experts work with our Magento ecommerce team to design a store that builds buyers’ trust, establishes a solid sales funnel, and uses the quickest sales path.

We obsess over the smallest details, from the size of the “Buy Now” button to the placement of the product’s price. While our conversion experts and Magento ecommerce team uses industry standards to design your store, they then put your store to the test. Using A/B testing, we can tell exactly what works best for your unique customers.

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Your Magento Ecommerce Site Becomes Even More Powerful when Backed by our Internet Marketing Strategies

Our Magento ecommerce team works closely with our Internet marketing specialists. Not only will they ensure your site is as enticing to the search engines as it is to your customers, they will design and implement a powerful marketing plan to get your site seen by the most important people — those most likely to buy. Innovative Internet marketing strategies are our speciality and is what earned us the title of top SEO agency on heardable.com.

We didn’t just amass our huge portfolio or long list of glowing client testimonials for nothing. Our experience and dedication to maximizing results is why we’re the leading solution for Magento ecommerce development and Internet marketing.

contact us online or call 888.449.3239 to learn more about how your sales can be maximized with our experienced Magento ecommerce and Internet marketing teams.

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