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Case Study: Search Engine Optimization Philadelphia

These paragraphs were written with search engines in mind. In this case study our SEO copywriters have written the following passages specifically for the key phrase search engine optimization Philadelphia. In writing this web page, WebpageFX uses the key phrase search engine optimization Philadelphia five times in the body of the paragraphs.

Adding keyword-rich content in the body of web pages is the most important ranking factor for the search engines. If a key phrase doesn't exist on the copy of the web page, how would a search engine know the page is about that product or service?

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Copywriters at WebpageFX ensure your website content is working for you. We not only generate content that is interesting to visitors, but also is friendly to search engines, the key element in bringing traffic and visitors to website. This paragraph is no different since we were sure to include search engine optimization Philadelphia into the body of the web page.

Remember, when writing content for a web page it is very important to include the market that the website is targeting. For example, on this web page we are optimizing for the city of Philadelphia PA. Not only do we want to include search engine optimization, but also the keyword Philadelphia.

The final tip from the WebpageFX copywriting team is to keep your key phrases together and in order. By this we mean, it's better to have the key phrase search engine optimization Philadelphia or SEO Philadelphia in word by word order verses having the key phrase search engine optimization and then having the keyword Philadelphia.

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